Ippudo SG again

Yesterday I found a whole piece of nail polish on the floor and not on my nail so I picked it up and gave it a wash

And spent quite a while admiring its beauty while feeling sad I have to reapply

So today I went out with Yumiko!!
We went to Ippudo SG, my third time

Shiromaru motoaji
I don’t remember seeing the

red-coloured ginger-smelling food item sitting on my pork previously o.o
With all honesty I don’t remember seeing it
And I was so shocked!!!!!!!!!!
Cos it smells like ginger and it’s red and Yumiko told me they were ginger and man, she was right!
I guess……….?
The ramen is good as always and in my opinion the best among all others in Singapore I’ve tried (which isn’t a lot…)

Ippudo original gyoza
We shared this and I ate 2 on its own
So-so I would say…
I find it too oily but all gyozas I’ve had were all too oily and this is probably the least too oily of all the too oilys…
Didn’t have enough of the I-am-eating-a-gyoza flavour
Oh, come on Ippudo!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST PUT CHAWANMUSHI ON THE MENU ALREADY! 😦

After paying for the food Yumiko asked me how to say “this is very delicious” in Japanese
And I told her “これはとてもおいしいです” with a lot of doubt -______-
And she was so ballz she told the Japanese guy!! And he said thank you and many other stuff I didn’t understand
I don’t know why I tried to learn the language when I can’t remember T____T and I’m planning to study it again soon zzzz
Her memory is really good la… she memorised the whole sentence in minutes zzzzzz

Ok then we went to shop around…
I wanted to shop and she wanted to not shop and I ended up buying nothing and she spending over a hundred at the end of the day zzzzz
We went to watch This Means War at Cathay!!
We were a little late but we didn’t miss the start of the show 🙂
It was good! Do watch!! 😀
Ok then we shopped a little more and then we went home!

Saw a parcel for me when I got home
It was in a really big box and the contents description were womens earrings
How convincing…….
Ok so in it were packets of air 😀
And a tee and 2 pairs of earrings

Quite lazy to wear them though -__-
I have in my piercings ear sticks and for a year already
Ok I’m gonna brush my teeth


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