Restaurant Hoshigaoka & class gathering ☺

I’m not excited for my birthday this year -_________-
Last year I spent 8 March staying back in school to study zzz

Today I woke up and painted that naked nail while watching an episode of HIMYM
Then I left for TSS
Got myself an ice-cream before walking to school -____-
When to get my testimonial and certificate
Testimonial was so short 😦
But that’s because I involve myself in as little activities as possible!!
Then met with Gillian and Yumiko!

We went to the bus stop to wait for the bus and when it came we decided to take a cab to Orchard instead -___-
Bought tickets to The Iron Lady!
I had to pay the adult price because I don’t have a student card T______T
Show was really sad throughout zzzz
If you plan on watching that movie, do research on the history first if not it’s quite confusing!
Heard many combined humanities terms zzzz
Yumiko cried 🙂 hahahahahahaha

Before the show we went to Restaurant Hoshigaoka for lunch

Ebi tempura mori + set B
Hate how set B has that bowl of rice!!! 😦
Always wanted to order udon but if I add set B I’ll have rice too T_T

Tempura is quite ok….
Prawn should be the star of this dish but I find that strange spaghetti fan tempura way amazing LOL!!!
If I have to guess, it would be enoki? But it is good!!!
This dish is worth buying for that!!
-____- but if I were you I wouldn’t heed my advice cos I’m weird….

Everything about this chawanmushi is fine but it would be better if the egg were softer
I love those crazy soft ones like in Santouka and you all know that!!!!

Rice, as expected, was sian
Probably because it’s such an everyday food
And they’re so stingy with their furikake 😦

Then we took the train to Tiong Bahru
Gillian bought a kawaii puzzle and a comic book lol!! She is comic crazy!!!!!!
Shortly after she left
At Tiong Bahru Plaza because 4E1s were having a class gathering!! 🙂
If I’m not wrong, 18 classmates were present!! 😀
For a facebook-discussed gathering, I would call it a huge success! 🙂
Dinner at Thai Express

Chiang Mai mango blend
Quite sour o.o
Don’t really like the taste of this though I remember ordering it before but liking it zzzzz

Pineapple rice
Everything was satisfying me until I took a bite of the prawn
Zzz it was like semi-cooked -___-

Tasted the sotong and it was weird and didn’t taste fresh
Had it changed and people thought I ordered a second plate hahahaha
Woman told me how the prawn was cooked twice and all that zzzzz
I rarely can tell if something tastes horrid but if I do, it must be horrid…
Then she told me all the prawns were cooked that way so she asked if I’d like it replaced with fish
Fine with me 🙂

So a new plate of pineapple rice!
Much much better though the sotong is still bad
Fish was nice, you know!!! I hate fish on most occasions!

Ok ok then we paid and went out not knowing where to go zzz
Took a group picture but it’s not with me
Then most of them left and the remaining went to McDonald’s!
Sat there and read my book LOL!!! Anti-social max level zzz
Then suddenly a wild Marissa appeared with a cake with a lit candle -____-
Embarassed until die zzzz like 10 people were singing to me in McDonald’s T_T
Vurry sweet but omg paiseh until die really T____T
Then eat the cake! Forgot to take picture zzz
It is a small one!! But I was really full 😦
Ate like half of it slowly while reading the book
And Xiao Rui said I look like tai tai 😀
Then before we left the crazy Joe planted curry sauce on it zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ok then we went home!!!!
Ok finish!
It’s past midnight now -_____-
I am now 17 and have not yet watch any NC16 movies in the cinema zz
Thank you thank you I know I’m so pure


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