HP ENVY 15-3021TX & Swensen’s

Hello 🙂
Today I went to Clementi to meet Shwen
Then we went to NP because I wanted to buy a notebook pc 😀
She’s so nice 😀 She’s going for the second time but willingly….
You see, I know she secretly loves me! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH

Got the HP ENVY 15-3021TX at $1749

A box in a box zzz
On the way home the handle of the box broke so I had to fix it several times

Comes in a sleeve that offers as much protection as a cling film lol
The lid eats fingers. Like when you touch it you will smear it with that moisture on your hands thing…
& it is really heavy 😦

Fake MacBook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Touchpad is supposed to respond to gestures but there’s too much friction to do it effortlessly
It also has 2 earphone jacks! Very interesting but quite useless unless you share the laptop with someone else a lot

Beats Audio
Volume is adjusted turning the dial from the side or from the top
I like this better than pressing buttons
Super loud!! 😀
5 units is louder than the maximum of my current Vaio

Charger that comes in a little pouch
Photo is blur… Sorry 😦 Realised only hours later and can’t be arsed to retake

Free ugly bag, mouse, and downright hideous headset

Free notebook lock
The cables were bound mega tightly with very thick that tie thing..
Scissors almost broke trying to cut it T_T
Why would they do that?!?!??!?!! Would people steal this thing??
Even so, they should theftproof the box and not what’s inside right? -____-
Ok no more

Before going home Shwen & I had lunch at Swensen’s

Spicy grilled chicken burger
That isn’t spicy!! 😀
Ordered it without coleslaw
I find the whole of it really yummy!! 😀 minus cherry
But it’s quite impossible to eat it like a burger

The wedges were nice!
Potatoey and not oily (I think it’s baked)
And the potatoeyness isn’t dry!

Asked them to serve my banana split and came were the spoons
Waited and waited and asked again…
They forgot leh omg…….. win…
It’s so-so… Ice-cream was melting zzzzzzzz 😦

Then after that we left for home!!!
Ok finish!


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