Nando’s & The Manhattan Fish Market on my Birthday!! ☺


Went to Bugis with Racheal today! 🙂
Went to Nando’s!

Madeira Red
Super favourite

Chicken kebab with old style chips and mediterranean rice
I think I prefer the quarter chicken!

Ok, so before the food arrived, a waiter came over to our table and asked “Is any one of you Casia Chew?”
Then I was all

Then I said ya and was so scared throughout the whole meal
And suddenly…..

Die of embarassment

Racheal knew all about this!!!!! And it isn’t from her!!!
But Racheal was nice. She told me who that “secret admirer” was!!
If I were her I would act blur!!!
YUMIKO MASDA TJUGIANTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -__________________-
I hate surprises T_T scares the shit out of me 😦
But it was so nice of Yumiko!!! 🙂

Then we tried to find our way to Mustafa Centre zzzz
Missed a bus so we decided to walk without knowing the way…
Walked until almost die!!!!
Went to Mustafa Centre and came out without making any purchases OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
Complete waste of time and energy!
But I’ve never been there before so I forgive myself 😀

Walked to Farrer Park MRT Station then took the train to City Hall
Went to Suntec Convention Centre for the IT Show 2012 and to meet Don
Wei Xuan and Zhe Min and Ying Sheng were there too!!
Went around with Racheal looking at laptops
Tried to find a HP Envy 15 to try out but they didn’t have it….
They had a HP Envy 14 without a battery though -__-
Person didn’t have knowledge on the product at all zzzzzz

Then at Lenovo a guy was recommending a laptop suitable for school
And the most distracting thing was his mole that mirrored mine!!!! LOL!!!
And then found out he used to study in TSS cos Don and Racheal knows him -___-

Ok then we all went to Marina Square and had dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market!
Loved the place because there was a guy who laughed a lot very loudly and I kept laughing at his laughter LOL!!!
Then Don said the guy was playing Draw Something but he said “Something to Draw” WTF!!!!!!

Blue Lagoon!
Tastes like Sprite, ice-cream is nice!
Racheal said they were Cremo’s zzz

Manhattan Fish ‘n Chips
I think it was yummy!! Had that little sour taste that I like
And the fish was very soft 😀
Fries were good but were quite soggy squashed by the fishes
Couldn’t finish it because I was quite full 😦
Let the others scavenge 😛
This is rather affordable!! 🙂

Then Racheal and Don and I walked around and the others left
Then…….. we went home!!!!!!!!!
Super tired 😦 but no seats
Then I reached home before 10pm!!

OMG my penpal Figo sent me a card!!
(Removed picture because my address was showing and I’m too lazy to edit :()
Yes, from Nepal!!!!
We were only penpals in Singapore cos in Nepal he doesn’t have an address -______-
So super awesome!! Recognised the handwriting and he’s the only one who finds joy in writing my FULL name -____-
He’s also an 8 March baby!!! But I can’t send a card 😦

My birthday cake LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you didn’t count the candles you wouldn’t know I’m a teenager zzzzz

From Polar cakes!
I had a Cinnamoroll one before!! It is the cutest!!
But I wanted variation so yea… Little Twin Stars!


Mummy bought me macarons!

I’ll eat them tomorrow 🙂

Hehehe done!!! Goodnight!!
JK! I’m still busy 🙂


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