Awfully Chocolate & The House of Robert Timms

Am blogging from the new laptop for the first time!!
Was still using the old one the past few days cos… idk?!?!?!?!?!!

On Sunday I celebrated my birthday on my non-birthday!
Blogging about it now and not then because I don’t know how to say I was celebrating my birthday on my non-birthday…
At least now I have a distraction so you wouldn’t be too disturbed by that oddity

Cake was from Awfully Chocolate
Don’t know how much it costs cos I wasn’t the one who ordered it
When I collected it I requested for 17 candles but I got 7 big candles (70 years old) wtf…….

Mon dieu~!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!
Duh…. Awfully Chocolate is yummy!

Was told there was extra charge for fanciness
So…. if your birthday is approaching and you love chocolate then just get this omg!!

Ok so today I went out
It was raining!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super hate rain!!
Then the grumpy water touched me and I became grumpy…
In the same way in my dream there was this ridiculous river of gay water that turns people gay…
Don’t know why the train was mega mega mega crowded! 😦

Went to Orchard because OG had some awesome sale…
Sloggi at super low prices (for Sloggi)!!!
But then….
OMG it was raining and there’s a massive queue of umbrellas around Orchard Point…
It’s like the trains were crowded because everyone wants bras .__.
Then I went to 313 to shop for nothing
Ok I bought a bunch of rings…

Then I went to Robert Timms cos I was SO hungry
Wanted to go to the outlet at Wheelock Place but IT WAS RAINING!
I wanted to shop at Ion as well… but IT WAS RAINING

Caffe Latte with latte art!!
It is quite disappointing how I got a bear previously  and a simple heart now…
I was expecting something like a mermaid but I got a heart!!!!!!!! Zzzz

Bratwurst sausage and scrambled eggs croissant
Honestly, the one at Wheelock is much much better!
I’ve described it here before
And if you plan on eating at Robert Timms, just go to the Wheelock outlet!!!!!!!

“Table for 1” and it was really awkward sitting in the vast (not really) area all by myself
And being the only customer, I feel like the waiters standing around were watching me eat T__T cos what is there for them to do???
And nobody should watch me eat because I eat like a starving monster experimenting with cutlery for the first time

Then I walked to H&M and got an awesome top!
It’s very nice to touch -_________-
And I saw Joe there!! Cos he was stalking me thinking he has the right to do so cos it’s his birthday today!
Then afterwards I walked a bit more and then mummy fetched me home!!

A cubed ギガプリン I made on Sunday night/Monday morning!!!
I made it cos I watched

Because they wrote “we like caviar” when they sang みんなでたべよう
Tears were flowing out of my eyes uncontrollably and my face felt fuzzy and warm wtf
So I decided to commemorate the very first time I felt so horrible while happy wtfwtf

Oh and play Draw Something with me please!!!!! Username is casiachew!

I am awesome
But person cannot spell Lorax properly and DOESN’T KNOW ARNOLD zzzz

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