Went out for dinner

Today I went out at 5.30pm to Jurong Point
Then I met up with Cymbeline
And we had to wait 50 minutes for Joe to come zzzzzzzzzz
While waiting we went to The Cocoa Trees and she spied ugly Disney princesses zomg

Same, nose up

Then we went to New York New York
So funny!! When we sat down, Rong Xuan called to say she just woke up LOLOLOLOL!!!
I ordered the exact same things I did when I dined there the other time

Root beer float

Hawaii teriyaki chicken chop

Then when we were done eating I left to find Rong Xuan while lying to them 😛
To get them a cake with her!!!!!!!
Shop didn’t have a lighter and we had to ask random passers-by if they had lighters
Halfway the candles auto-died and we had to find lighters again 😦

Some cake from The Icing Room for Cymbeline and Joe!!
Then we didn’t sing cos awkward……. zzzz

Then we paid for our food and then played Draw Something for a while
Yesterday I drew


And loved myself a lot wtf

Then Cymbeline and Joe (I think) bought me

I told her not to just now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cos it is ridiculously overpriced!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zzzzz
Then we went to the arcade!!
And played basketball!!!!!
Cymbeline is proness zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Then it was close to 10 when I got home -______-

Holy mama lost friend
Last time it was everywhere (when money was something I didn’t have) but suddenly it disappeared
And after a few years imposter Kinder Joy came
Kena cheated

I am so thirsty and I have less than 500ml of water left beside me 😦


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