Délifrance & Swatow Seafood Restaurant

You know I’m unwell right!!!!!!!!!?
Blocked nose and I had to breathe through my mouth sleeping and I had drool at the side of my mouth T_T
And I kept sneezing mucusy sneezes and I had to get up to clean my face T____T
Get well soon, Casia <33333 wtf

So today I went to Toa Payoh with Mummy
Did you all know that the Délifrance that used to be beside the library used to be beside the library???
Ya it’s gone and I didn’t even know!!!!!
Had to walk to the one at the HDB Hub…
Long queue zzzz and I’m not sure if I was speaking really softly or what but I recited my order to 2 different people and they both had huh’s all over their faces wtf

All super ugly leh!!!!!!!!!

Then I went to the library and got a book
And went to the reading room but I kept sneezing so I left cos I thought I was really noisy and irritating and germy
Borrowed the book and went to some food court to get fruit juice.. $2.50 T_____T
There were no seats!!!!!!! 😦
So I went to the HDB Hub and sat there cos there were plenty of seats!!
Then went to sit at a hair salon while Mummy gets a haircut

In like 2 hours zzzzz

Then we went to Koufu and I got

Which is very meh…
It is tadpoles on longans on kiwi puree on ice on bowl on table on floor

Then walked around and I was super lethargic zzzzzzzzzzzz
Then at 3pm we went to Swatow Seafood Restaurant
We had this buffet thing where they push carts of dim sums and little bowls of food and desserts

It’s very messy one… so I have limited pictures……
By limited I mean like 2 only.. could’ve been only 1 but then I like xiao long bao ma….

小龙包 (little dragon bun)
which is actually pig suspended in pig juice in a bag of skin!
No la… Idk but xlb’s are yummy!!!!
I think DTF’s is better though….
But it could be my nose malfunction!
Everything I ate today has like half taste only 😦
And during this buffet I had close to no appetite and am very picky zzzz
I’m always picky!!!!

Then went home lor………..
Ok done!!


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