Today I painted my nails cos they have been naked for a very long time and I was too lazy to apply -___-

A coat of Essie A Cut Above over 2 coats of OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue! between base coat and top coat.
Being right-handed, I can’t quite control the nail polish on my right hand to be almost equal to the left
So my right nails have more glitter! 😦

After 2 coats of the blue I thought it was gorgeous~~~~ and that I should stop
But I continued with the glitter T___T *regret*
The glitter was very dense, which gave me a shock when I first brushed it on
The look I wanted to achieve was 1/3 of the amount of glitter I had on so that the blue could be more prominent

The dark blue was really pretty!! And so was the pink glitter!
I will apply each on its own on another week and another week
Right now I semi-love and semi-hate my nails cos I think it is semi-pretty and semi-ugly


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