4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

Oh yes, again!!!! -______-
Please don’t be bored with my 3rd 4 Fingers post!!
I ordered something new 🙂

So, today I met Racheal at Clementi Mall in the morning and we had breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast.
We ordered a plate of kaya butter toast to share and… a bean curd from Mr Bean!
I am aware of how random it is to eat bean curd in a kaya toast shop -___-
I forgot to take pictures 😦 but you all know how it looks like….

Then we went to Ngee Ann Polytechnic because she has to collect her enrolment package because her appeal to NP was successful~~~
Then erm…. we decided to go to Orchard!
But we didn’t want to cross the overhead bridge to the other side cos we were much too lazy!
So we took bus 151 to Botanic Gardens MRT station -____- and from there we took the train to Orchard
But we still had to cross an overhead bridge -__________________________-

Ok then we walked around for a bit and shopped…….
And hungry we got!!!
So to 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken we went!

Soy garlic chicken chop 😀
I am a student ;____; I got the meal at $6.95! ❤
It is nice! (duh…) But I would rather get the burger cos the chicken chop is like a slightly enlarged version of the patty and with its lack of companions (lettuce, mushroom, buns), eating it can be quite boring…

To take my first bite out of the chicken chop, I shifted the slice of lemon to the side and it conveniently stuck itself onto the paper wall….
And it became the forgotten slice of lemon throughout the entire meal 😛
This piece of chicken is quite fat so at some parts underneath the heavenly skin, oil jelly could be found T__T gross
This is good if you don’t want to dirty your fingers because you can use a fork and knife to feed yourself
And science thought me that this large piece of chicken has a smaller surface area to volume ratio as compared to 6 pieces of wings and drumlets!!! And the best part is the surface area! Because it is generously coated with heaven!

The fries are always good! 😀
You just have to clean your teeth after emptying the packet -___-

Then we went to Daiso!!
Daiso is so awesome!! I found many kawaii stuff that I want but don’t need and I didn’t buy them!
But I did get 3 pots of seed beads which are quite useless to me -___- and 2 storage baskets

Then we went to Takashimaya.
I’ve NEVER been to the 5th floor! OMG!
Art Friend is located right there, above Kinokuniya if I’m not wrong…
It is awesome!!!!!!!!! It’s like Spotlight but specific to only arts and crafts
Yes, I am planning to do some DIYs and it will be up on the blog if it happens! 🙂

Ok then we went to shop a little more and then we went home!
Ok goodbye~

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