Casuarina Curry (YES? LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!) & Starbucks

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA cracking myself up with that “YES?”
Story will come afterwards!!
So today I went to Buona Vista to meet up with Don, then we head to Ang Mo Kio together and met with Racheal there!

We took bus 169 at the bus interchange and alighted 8 stops later to get to Casuarina Curry!

Milo dinosaur!
Drink was thick and nice but they didn’t give me a spoon and I had no idea how to eat the powder 😦
Then……………………… when it was half full, I realised the straw had that little tab thing at the end to serve as a spoon like those Slurpee straws -__-
And that was when the powder is no longer soft and dry (omg it sounds like sanitary pad commercial description hahaha!!) 😦

My banana chocolate prata at $3.50
Yes, it is quite ridiculously priced but it was also ridiculously massive zzzz
When the waiter handed me the METAL plate, I took it to put in front of me and it was bloody hot!!!! The waiter’s fingers like no nerves liddat!The banana chocolate prata is not bad!!
The prata is very thin and crispy at the curved end where no banana thrived. I find it nice although I prefer super fluffy pratas…
Banana tastes like those goreng pisang banana and the chocolate is chocolate syrup and not chocolate bars chocolate so I felt a bit cheated 😦
We were sitting indoors so my pratas got cold really quickly and when it’s cold it’s very tough T__T
It is very very very filling!! I wasn’t even halfway into it but I felt quite full already zzzz
It is best to get one to share among a whole bunch of people.

Plain prata at $1
Normal size and for $1, it is damn expensive!!!!!!!!!!! But nowadays all the pratas very pricey one 😦
I always make it a point to order at least a kosong prata because I have this thinking that it is the original and if it wasn’t good they cannot make more pratas successfully so it must be the bestest…
It was really cold when I got mine, after Don asked for it cos they seem to have forgotten about my prata 😦
Or maybe it is because I spend ages taking pictures of my food…
If any of you eat with me, start without me please!!! RACHEAL!!!!! Don’t need to act polite!!!!!

I already said it was cold 😦
And if it is cold it is tough 😦
Non-elastic rubber prata!!!!!!!!!!!
If I come here again I would try once more because I think this time I was unlucky T_T

Ok so we were slowly trying to finish our pratas and there were some flies flying around and one landed on Racheal’s head 😦
Ok then we were like chatting and chatting and suddenly a wild waiter appeared at the other end of the table and then he said “YES?”
It is by far the randomest thing ever!!!! And we all confused then we all just “nothing.. nothing..” in unison wtf
Then Racheal go and say what reply “YES!!!” then he will be confused HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Then we went to Junction 8 and bought 3 bottles of water and bought late tickets to The Hunger Games and rushed into the theatre and hurried to our seats and watched the show like we didn’t miss the beginning zzzzzzzzzzzzz
I loved the movie!!!
It is so exciting and painful and moving and sometimes funny 😀
And the costumes were spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do watch if you are hesitating!!!!
I wanna watch the next one 😦

Then we went to Orchard….
Walked aimlessly!!!!
I just realised we went there and did nothing!!!!!!!!!!
We were all walking here and there and then sit down “so tired….” wtf
Then Racheal had to leave cos she had work! 😦

Then Don and I went to the Starbucks at Wisma Atria

Vanilla latte frappuccino zzz
I at first forgot how to order this and I started bimbo-talking to the barista T__T
And since it was my birthday month, I got myself a free cake! 😀
I advise all of you people who frequently (or not so) pop into Starbucks for some coffee to get a Starbucks card!
It is in a way free?? Because for $10, you get a card with a $10 value which you can use to pay for your beverage/food and it comes with lots of privileges!

Raspberry white chocolate cheese brulee!
The name above may be wrong cos it is so long it damages to remember with accuracy! But it is close, if not exactly right…
Quite interesting… it’s like eating a cheesecake while stuffing raspberries and sweet stuff in your mouth simultaneously.
It is not entirely revolting but it’s like…. the flavours don’t go together, in my opinion!!
By its name I also thought it would be some lovely dessert but in actual fact, it is very weird!
But it is fine

Ok then we went home!
But obviously my journey to the west (act like I know the story liddat) was super much longer 😦
Then I got home and muahahahahahahahaha

My Milo card!!! 😀
I requested for it not more than a month ago 🙂
I don’t know if I will use it but… LOL IT IS MILO! NOBODY HATES MILO!
You can get yours here at no charge:
You just have to do what it says in the banner at the sidebar
IT’S MILO!!!! Just get your card!!!
What if one day you are at some ulu place with a dollar left and you’re about to die?
And 10 steps away you see some petrol kiosk with 7-Eleven???
You whip out the card and hand over the dollar and drink up the Milo!
Then run home! Cos Milo is what sporty people drink so you can imagine you are one of them la

LOL I apologise for the bullshit but I’m not apologetic at all 😀


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