Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant & Free Cone Day

Haven’t blogged for about a week!
But I micro-blog daily on the sidebar (Twitter…..)

Ok so today I went to JCube because it’s new, is it not???
So much better than the previous building! 😀 The ice skating rink is much bigger too!
So we were supposed to meet at 11am and I got there on time.
The bloody Joe said he wasn’t coming because his eye was swollen zzzz
And Marissa was at a polyclinic zzzzzzzzzz

Found myself a place to eat duh!!!
Entered Watami the moment the restaurant opened…
Cos I was looking at the menu and then someone removed the sign that showed its opening hours and then everyone started shouting welcome welcome!!!
So I went in cos of peer pressure.. No la they’re not my peers zzzz
I mean, it’s rude right?? So many people welcome you yet you simply walk away zzz

Chicken katsu tamago toji + rice set + Japanese tea
It costs me $17.20 and it is really reasonable!!! Because it tastes great!! 😀

So I had this chicken cutlet on some awesome brown sauce set in front of me!!
Then the waiter (he) came and took my raw egg away 😦

But it came back beaten 😀 and she (sex change op wtf) poured it on the hot plate
Waaa looking at the pictures I want to go back for more!! It was truly truly good! 🙂

Then it started to bubble violently 😀 in HD!!!! 😀
Waiter helped me to turn off the flame cos I was too busy taking pictures of the food I didn’t take notice of the doneness of the egg 😛
They are all so polite and helpful and responsive! 😀

Yes, the chicken is crispy as hell!! <33333
The chicken is quite fat though… But I, a person who prefers lean meat, LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The egg is equally amazing, mixed with that mysterious brown sauce! 😀
Everything I ate was Japanesely sweet ❤

When I paid for my meal with a $50 note, they didn’t have exact change O.O
So at first they gave me the extra!! OMG I tell you they’re super kind!!
But being the good person that I am, I gave them coins!! 😀

Then Racheal flew down to meet me at the mall in about 20 minutes!
She came earlier than Marissa LOL!! And Racheal didn’t even know about us meeting at JCube at first zzzz
Watched some people skate until Marissa came then we headed to Orchard
This Orchard shit was all Joe’s idea, and he didn’t even make himself present!!
We were supposed to be at VivoCity!! Unforgivable!!!!!

Ok then we shopped and I bought clothes…
Cos I needed a green shirt… and conveniently found 2 other clothing I liked zzz
Green shirt for my NP orientation camp next week!! I hate camps so much!
Thankfully, it is a day camp. Hate it when they give me 10 minutes to shower! Impossible to the nth degree!!!!!

Then Racheal had to leave!! So it was just me and Marissa…
Took a bus to Dhoby Ghaut and walked to The Cathay, a mall which until today I never knew existed..
Because it’s Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day!!!!!!!!!!

Queued an hour for a scoop of Strawberry Cheesecake, my favourite B&J’s flavour 😀  and yea I have OPI Warm & Fozzie back on…
I know it’s insane to queue that long for a free scoop but I fear it may be a ritual ZZZZZZ
I’ve done this for the 3rd or 4th year already….

After that we walked to Plaza Singapura then took a train homewards!
Then I went to Jurong Point to look for shoes and laptop sleeves and got home without a purchase.
Ok that’s all!!

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