Skinny Pizza

Today I went to Orchard again :/
Much too early!!!! So I spent time wandering around first.

Then finally Yumiko came!!!! My Indonesian bimbo is back in Singapore!! ❀ πŸ˜€
We walked around looking for things I need for school and instead, she bought a pair of flats and some pieces of clothing.
-________- ok ok

We went toΒ Skinny Pizza at Wheelock Place for lunch!!

Squid ink pizza!
Yumiko had to persuade me to share it with her cos at first I was unwilling to eat squid ink cos it is BLACK!!
So today is the first time I’m tasting squid ink and to me it tastes like…. nothing -__-
Just unappetizingly black in colour and a little salty and sour and I don’t really know!! The black is too distracting!

The crust is crazy thin!! It’s like biscuits, but thinner. Yums!
And I love it when the waiter sliced up the pizza and the crust cracks πŸ™‚
Seafood is very fresh… The onion left me with a horrible taste in my mouth throughout the day.
Interesting pizza, really. I quite prefer this to the normal thick bready crust cos it is less filling πŸ™‚

Truffle fries πŸ˜€

1/4 metre long chicken sausage
Taste like chilli to me but not to Yumiko zzz
So she had most of it πŸ™‚

1/4 metre long pork sausage
Peppery πŸ™‚ If only the pepper was as spicy as the chilli chicken one was…
They have it in 1/2 metre and 1 metre!
I think everyone who orders the 1 metre long sausage only did for its hilarity.
The sausage isn’t cryworthy.

Ok then we leftΒ for Ngee Ann City
I bought a 15″ laptop sleeve from Juicy Couture (image posted on Instagram)
And when I tried to put my laptop in when I got home, IT DOESN’T FIT!!!!!! 😦
Then I realise that when the staff measured the dimension of the sleeve for me, she measured the outside and not the inside.
Otherwise she wouldn’t have told me itΒ was 15″! 😦
D’oh! Tomorrow I’m going to try calling them to see if I can make a refund 😦

We went to Cineleisure to find Racheal where she bought a pair of shoes OF DIFFERENT SIZES hahahahahaha
Shortly after, Yumiko had to go so it was Racheal and I.
Then we went to McDonald’s for a drink and then we walked around.
Kept forgetting where we want to go to zzzz
Then we shared a popiah by the fountain! So romantic wtf
Then we walked and walked and then we went home!!

Racheal’s always so nice πŸ™‚
Letting me have the one MRT seat πŸ˜€
I don’t know how she tahan standing T__T
Racheal, if you are reading this, I haven’t give you $1.40 for the popiah!!!!!!

Ok finish!! πŸ˜€

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