Grandiose Genies outing & Sushi Tei

Today I went out to Lakeside MRT to meet with Cymbeline!
Cos she’s from the same camp group as I am.
Went to VivoCity together for the outing.

Had a Beard Papa cream puff for breakfast.
Sorry I don’t have a picture 😦
Ok then we went up and die die don’t want to sit with our subgroups LOL!!!
Scared ma… I know I’m siao one but always first few days of meeting a whole bunch of strangers I am mega shy.
But the good thing about this outing is that on Monday it won’t be lagi weird….

People from my subgroup are all very nice 😀
0 weird so it’s ok! Actually, 1 weird. The one being me, of course!
Oh and it was raining heavily and we were heading to Sentosa…
See!! I have a valid reason to hate rain!
If you love rain I will just assume you are a farmer or an umbrella/raincoat/wellies maker ok.

Cymbeline’s subgroup combined with mine so we were still together 😀
Learnt a few cheers, or raps… SAME THING T_T So fast zzzz
Then everyone went out for some games
Running on sand is not easy, you know….? I didn’t know!
Then some of us walked to McDonald’s to find it very packed.
So Cymbeline and I left.

I stayed at VivoCity to shop for shoes for school!
Planned to get Vans cos they’re the most comfortable to me for I have really wide feet!
If my toes were webbed, you can call me Duck Chew cos I am very yellow too… WTF

QUACK! Zzzzz

I bought denim Eras

All of you shopping for Vans right, please don’t buy the same pair ok!!
It’s for your own good ❤ and mine of course…
Ok la ok la *pretends nobody likes denim on their feet like I do*

I like my new shoes more and more hahahahaha 😀
I didn’t even look at it until I decided to find something blue.
Then I chose the denim one cos I don’t have a favourite colour and you know how jeans seem to go with anything…

Ok then I thought of eating at some restaurant because I realised my long holiday is coming to an end 😦
And that next week I’ll be so busy with camps!
So today could be my last day of having ridiculously priced meals T___T
OMG cannot imagine my blog not having any awesome food posts T____T
I said awesome cos sometimes when I read my own blog, I cannot stop cos I find myself interesting *shameless until die*

So I “table for 1” at Sushi Tei!!
Sushi Tei because at VivoCity there’s always a long queue of people who gladly stand there waiting to have dinner inside.
For me, I didn’t have to queue so I might as well see what’s so good about this particular outlet.

Chawanmushi & green tea
Chawanmushi was good, but not incredible.
Had a very strong broth taste but the egg taste was still there…
Not super duper soft….
Stingy portion of chicken (1 little piece) and shiitake (1 slice) but the crab meat wasn’t the mock shit!!
It was a real real crab!! I think la… but it really has the crab taste! And it’s yummy and quite big 🙂
I like to order hot tea when having Japanese food cos I want to act traditional wtf

Tempura udon!
Tempura is very meh… And the presentation was very ugly!! I had to rearrange them for a family photo.

Udon was ok…
I find it very plain though… If they’d place 2 slices of naruto in my bowl, maybe I would’ve liked it better.

Taiyaki ice-cream!
Very cute 😀
Quite sad cos the waffle wasn’t crispy zzz

There is red bean paste (I think… you all know my taste buds got problem one right!!!) between the ice-cream and the waffle.
I like the filling!! 🙂
But don’t waste your $3.20++ on this! Get the ice ball thingy instead.
Had it before and it was more… fun?? Zzzzz

Ok then I went home feeling very full…
That’s all! 😀


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