BAOC Day 1

Today I have 0 photos!!!! HORROR!!!
But to unhorrify you I am gonna post here some crappy iPod-taken pictures 🙂

2 kosong prata for Sunday’s breakfast, which sucked!!
It’s not hot or fluffy or mega crispy.
If you must know from where, explore my Instagram ok…

And a bad milo dinosaur with my prata!
It was hot milo, topped with ice and milo powder.
When I sipped from the straw I almost cried! HOT MILO!! !@#$!%#$!@#
The worst thing a milo can be is a bipolar bitch!

Sunday’s dinner was so much better though!

Some popiah from somewhere in Pioneer, I think.

And today I got up at 6.43am and had

ice-cream for breakfast
Then left for school!!
Day 1 of camp and I now have friends 🙂

And for lunch I had this honeydew juice which turned out surprisingly sweet 😀
I wanted the kiwi juice at first but the image on the board was gross…
The kiwi juice was BROWN and not GREEN ew

Ok that’s all!!
This entry is so lame I forgive people if they refuse to read it 😀


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