BAOC Day 3

Hello 😀
Today is the last day of BAOC!!
This is the first time I’ve ever enjoyed a camp!
Probably because it’s not overnight so I get to bathe daily 🙂
I’m so sorry my blog looks so sad lately because of the really lame pictures I put up just so that it doesn’t look full of words and only words 😦

So today I had breakfast at McDonald’s at TradeHub 21

Crispy chicken breakfast deluxe, a breakfast costing me more than $8 *vomit vomit*
McDonald’s are getting worse and worse!!
Or maybe I’ve had restaurant food so much the past few months that everything else tastes meh to me 😦
Couldn’t finish it 😦
Don’t know what happened to my appetite!

I left this much uneaten T_T

Took bus 52 to school and found Jun Hui and Daryl so I sat with them.
Then bla bla and lots of performances!
During the break I finally saw Yumiko!! 😀
And Racheal was in NP too so she came to meet us! 😀 😀 😀
Then back to watching the performances.

Today was quite boring because it was like watching movies on my laptop, in 3D, but I didn’t have the freedom to kiao ka or adjust position cos we’re all seated T_T throughout

Brought the bottle of sugar balls I bought yesterday and spammed sugar…
And it always leave a weird taste in my mouth T_T but it is so yummy wtf


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