TRM Orientation & Espressoup

Yesterday I didn’t blog because wp doesn’t let me upload pictures 😦
So today I uploaded them to Facebook so I can post the pictures here…

Today I went to Jurong Point to shop for stationery because school is starting next week.
Although I don’t know what I need for school, I like to stock up on stationery cos… I just like them la…

Ok before buying a lot of nonsense, I went to Espressoup for breakfast… in the afternoon -___-
The shop opened a while ago and I’ve yet to give it a try so I did today.

Mushroom soup in a bread bowl
In the pictures on their website they have a lovely little salad by the side but I got ANOTHER BOWL OF SOUP -____-
I find it a little too creamy 😦 and not worth $8.50 It is crazily overpriced 😦

The other bowl of soup is quite useful in that after emptying the bread bowl I can eat the bread with the soup.
LOL I won’t come back!!!!! Nando’s mushroom soup is awesome ❤

Yesterday I had this TRM orientation programme and I made many new friends!!
Most of them already knew each other! Unfair T__T I only knew Yumiko!
Also, it was a day I lied so much!
Exchanged name with Min for a while… And I became Yumiko’s Indonesian maid, named Ani -________-
And thanks to her, many may think I’m really called Casia Ani Shermean which is 50% wrong T___T

Went to Universal Studios Singapore and had a free ride on the Transformers ride!
I still think Battlestar Galactica is more thrilling -____-
We all had the expressest ticket to the ride, even expresser than express ticket holders!
We entered through the exit and cut everyone’s queue, which is bastardly awesome!!!!

Then we all went to VivoCity and tapao food to the area outside the monorail place!

Chicken teriyaki subway + tomato + lettuce – cheese + BBQ sauce + purple Sprite 😀
Then played games and all…
Kena a stupid pole dance forfeit -_________-
Then I photobombed a stranger instead but they say it didn’t count cos I was polite T___T

Then the massive television kept playing the BOOGIE BOOGIE Palawan Beach music video and then halfway through the last one, four of us (I think) went to dance to it wtf!!!
Then we waited for the next one but it didn’t come at all!!!!!!!!!
Then we went home then ya……..

That is all!! Bye!


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