Wp is still giving me errors when I try to upload pictures here so I’m taking them from my Facebook again 😦
Today is Mummy’s birthday!! 😀

Today we went to Funan DigitaLife Mall because I still need a sleeve for my laptop!
Went round looking for something I like…
And I found this shop, Standard Stationery, which sells more than just standard stationery! They have really cute stuff at one corner!
Spent quite a while in there. I always spend a lot of time in stationery shops because… I just like them a lot…
I got myself a super kawaii reversible pencil case!

and inside out…

I am using it the way it looks like in the second picture 🙂

Then I found this laptop sleeve from Fabrix.

And it says it fits a 15.4″ laptop… and my laptop happens to be of the oddest dimension ever and IT CANNOT FIT!!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly!!! This is the second time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am going back tomorrow to try to make a refund.

Then we went to Bishamon for late lunch/early dinner.

Iced lemon tea
Not too bad… but I don’t like iced lemon tea very much.

Salmon salad
I don’t like to eat raw salmon… I ate the vegetables with that oily brown sauce thing. Very salty!! 😦

Ebi tempura
Nice 🙂

Chicken karaage
Very fragrant 😀 not super oily 🙂

Original gyoza
Tastes suspiciously like those frozen ones you can get at supermarkets!! But it is nice!! 😀

Some sushi (California roll, according to the menu?!?!?!?!?) that I didn’t eat because I don’t like roe and mayonnaise.

Assari shoyu ramen (mini)
Quite nice! But the soup tastes very weird!!
Maybe because this is my first shoyu ramen! I’ve always had miso ramen…

Then we went to some hair salon at Toa Payoh and I got my hair cut!!
My fringe is now at the tip of my nose and the rest of my hair ends at the waist.
Hairdresser didn’t ask if I want to layer the choppy ends of my hair and showed me the outcome of his work! 😀
Others always tell me that it will be very thick if I don’t layer then I just say ok lor…
OMG this is how I wanted it!! Since half a year ago! 😀

Ok finish 🙂
I still need a laptop sleeve T___T


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