Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice & Smooch Cafe @ 72

I’m at Smooch Cafe now! Just finished with the first interview of my life… ZZZZZ
So now I’m blogging about my food as I eat it so it’s a first!
Everything would be gone by the time this post is published though.

Bratwurst sausage and hazelnut latte
$6.70 </3 why so expensive

I didn’t know what to order so I asked them what the best food item was.
Bratwurst I chose because I still love Robert Timms’ bratwurst
IT IS NOT THE SAME… But I expected it to be like that

Hazelnut latte is nice πŸ™‚
But only aromatic when close…

Yesterday I went to Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice with Racheal and Marissa after school!
It is surprisingly near to school!!!

Ordered the usual roasted chicken rice with an egg πŸ™‚
After eating we also asked for an additional BIG BOWL of soup EACH.
Love the soup ❀ love the chicken ❀ love the rice ❀
It is like the halal Wee Nam Kee! Not that they taste the same but they are both my favourite chicken rice!

And my favourite thing about this chicken is thatΒ it is… BONELESS!!
Yummy as well, of course! I don’t like boneless shit simply because it is boneless ok…
While eating there was also an old man staring at me wtf..
Then he said something I didn’t understand and Marissa said he said I looked like a Malay…. -____-

Ok… I forgot what happened yesterday so I can’t tell stories like I always do…
But there are food pictures so you can’t hate me.
I don’t think anyone reads what I write anyway! Everyone just looks at the pictures right??
Cos I am so long-winded, even I find myself long-winded.

Oh and if you follow me on Twitter you should know while I was blogging, a 1cm long spider landed on my arm and crawled on my back then crawled down my arm to my laptop and finally, the table!
Yes, I love spiders. Odd. But have you looked at them up close??? THEY HAVE THE CUTEST CUTEST FACE!! πŸ˜€
I tried but failed to take a picture of it so I’m going to google to find you a picture of a cute spider so you’ll believe me.

But it’s on google T_T
Never mind…. πŸ™‚


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