So busy!!!

Hello! 🙂
Blogging while eating now!!!!!!!!!

Sipping on my watermelon juice at the poolside while typing this!
Sounds as if I’m in a villa right!!!!!! NO. I’m in school. Zzzzzz…..
I have to go in like 15 minutes so this will be a short entry.

Finished my BIG CHICKEN pau…. That looks like the plate it’s on! 😀
Oh and I wanted honeydew juice but they didn’t have it yet -___-
So I settled for watermelon juice and you cannot imagine how disappointed I was when I saw how miserably tiny the cup was T_T
Juice volume and pau volume is same! 😦

Ok and yesterday’s breakfast was worst.

At Toast Box, french toast and iced milo.
They at first served me my milo and completely forgotten about the toast I ordered and I actually had to go forward and ask them for it! 😦

So oily one!
And I don’t even taste egg ._______.
Just no.

Yesterday evening I had my first Japanese class in NP.
Half price, half quality I think.
Studying at Bunka was much better!
It was really funny though, when some guy at the back of the class shouted REPEATO!

And yes I’m so terribly busy  I decided not to think of a proper title for this post 🙂
I don’t even know how time fly this quick 😦


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