Island Creamery

For early dinner/late lunch I ate at McDonald’s and at Island Creamery with Yumiko!
Approximately 10 minutes from school

We at first wanted to eat at Spinelli but they didn’t serve food-food.

Amazing baked Alaska!!!
Ok, it is my first but I like it!!!
So I’m not sure if it is what it’s supposed to taste like and stuff….

It was gone in minutes!
I think the ice-cream wasn’t supposed to be that melted though 😦

The past few days I had these:

Weird black pepper chicken…
Next Thursday I have to try the western food at Canteen 4!

Pathetic chicken rice

I like the gravy thingy though!!!!!

🙂 That’s all!
It was a bitch uploading the pictures because I kept getting this IO error thing 😦
SO BUSY!! But to share my food pictures I have to sacrifice!


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