Island Creamery & the food I had for a week

Hello! This inactivity is killing me…
My IG is filled with grainy iPod-taken pictures for a week already 😦

Last Thursday I had chicken cutlet with spaghetti at Canteen 4

I prefer chicken chop to cutlet though

And this is Min’s really cool bullshit stamp! 😀

On Friday I had this kebab thing from the Underpass because on many occasions I smelled the aroma of the chicken from far away when I’m hungry!

Quite okay but there’s way too much onions in the wrap

Henry western with Jin Ming last Saturday again after badminton.
We got free cheese fries and he was very happy -____-
Yesterday I skipped badminton because nobody wanted to go to badminton with me! I needed sleep anyway…

Chicken chop with fries

On Monday FINALLY my class went out of school for lunch!
But of all places, it was McDonald’s 😦
But honestly I don’t know where else to go for food besides Clementi because I don’t know my way around Bukit Timah…

Chicken McGrill salad
I have an increasing dislike for McDonald’s lately. Or any fast food in general.
Not sure if it’s me growing older and liking healthier food or if fast food really just taste bad nowadays.
Ran off to Island Creamery (it’s only just beside, really) alone after finishing that plate of junk food.

Mudpie! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
I just like desserts so much more LOL!
Or because I didn’t like the meal before so greatly that anything else taste better!!
But yes la, ice-cream cannot go wrong!!!!! 😀

Didn’t know how to photograph it as it was shaped really weirdly…
Like there’s only a few sides I can shoot from but I just didn’t know how la ok 😦

Thursday at Canteen 4 again!
Chicken chop with spaghetti because I have High Uncertainty Avoidance!
It was Seng Tiong’s birthday and there was this picture

& I couldn’t help but notice how funny Hong Yong’s face was!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Teriyaki chicken thing from pepper lunch!
First time ordering it…
Then had briefing for ushering on the coming Tuesday!

Kani salad and some sushi I had for breakfast on Friday morning!
Bought them the night before at Jurong Point.
Salad was expired that night but I still ate it the next day 😛

Not bad but after adding the dressing it tasted much weirder…
Why does school not sell sushi?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ok so the coming week is e-learning week but I’m going to school every day -________-
Monday: Grooming lecture, blazer collection, Japanese class
Tuesday: Graduation ushering
Wednesday: Golf workshop
Thursday: KPT’s tutorial, Grooming practical
Friday: CQ
ZOMG </3


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