Everything With Fries & Othello’s Café-Bar & Al-Azhar Restaurant & Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant & Swensen’s

Yes, that’s by far the longest title ever!!
I haven’t blogged in ages T_____T I miss sharing my food with all of you!
So today there’s like 2 weeks worth of food 😀
This post is very very picture-heavy so brace yourself
I’m not entirely sure when I had them though :/

Ok so today I had this stupid sandwich for breakfast!

😀 Brazilian something!
Which tastes very nothing-to-say but is definitely better than

this sandwich I had on Tuesday!!
Partly because it contained this bit of unidentifyable mayonnaise in it. But ya….
Ok then after studying I had ice-cream with Lynette! 😀

I didn’t know why I got fooled into buying this very ice-cream…
Just because it was named Shakyz Shake and I imagined the ice-cream to be shakeable and awesome…
Yea the name has got nothing to do with the flavour so yes I am utterly disappointed.

After school I went to Holland Village to meet Joe 😀
Because I know everyone misses me… even if they deny… I know they miss me…

Everything With Fries!!!
I couldn’t find the shop until the Holland Village expert arrived.

And Joe’s new hair is crazy awesome! But I don’t have a photo 😦

Ordered this heavenly One Egg Soup!
Everything in that dish tasted so familiar but I just couldn’t think of the food that it tastes like…
So ya I can’t give you all any description other than heaven.

Spaghetti Bolognese!
Because I was really pressured into making my order fast T_T
I was wanting salmon quite much but I had no time to read the description slowly and imagine how it’d look like T_T
Nice! 😀 But it got cold quite quickly 😦

Garlic and herb shoestrings and caesar salad!
Don’t look/taste very garlicky or herby at all I’m suspecting I got the wrong one 😦
But it tastes good!! 😀
Then we went to Plain Vanilla but I got nothing so I have nothing to show you T_T
Then we went to Starbucks!

I was being random before I ordered an SSC and I asked the barista which of the two promotional beverages was better.
Then my heart stopped for a moment and I bastardly ordered my beloved SSC hahahahahaha
Ok that was today!!

So yesterday…

My lunch was Hungry Jack’s chicken chop and spaghetti
The vegetables were HORRIBLE!! And for a person who likes vegetables to say they suck, you best believe they suck!
Marissa and Nicholas crashed my lecture!!! 😀
Then we went back to TSS for our yearbooks!
I really think TSS should get a better photo editing guy.
Because I can’t help but notice the green screen never cover the floor space and when they act cool replacing the background with some building face, THE FLOOR IS ON THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it is way disturbing!
Then Marissa and Nicholas and Yumiko and Gillian and I went to Clementi Mall for Swensen’s!

We shared a basket of fries

That chicken burger thingy I had before… but now with fries and not wedges 😦
It was better previously!!! But still delicious!!
Because it’s chicken DUH!!!!!

I had 2 similar photographs which were much more vivid but I deleted them because their composition was bad 😦

Two days ago I had lunch at Al-Azhar with my classmates!
OMG YUMMY!!!!! But they took super duper long to serve my 3 pratas!
Ya la I ordered 3 but I was honestly starving and everyone said I looked like I was about to die any time hahahaha

Mango peach drink thingy.. Guy told me it was one of the more popular drinks.

Chocolate tissue prata! 😀
It’s simple prata but I had to wait more than 15 minutes for it!
But yes I don’t mind waiting that long for it!! IT IS DELICIOUS!!!!

One side was coated with sugar omg <33333
And the whole prata was really awesomely crispy and sweet and it’s absoulutely cry-worthy!!!!!!

1 plain 1 egg prata
It would’ve had been nice if it weren’t served after the crazy tasty chocolate tissue prata!!
I shall come back for more!!!!! 😀
Oh then I bought those Japanese jelly before I got home

I still have the peach one so I guess that will be breakfast later!

On Sunday, after my TRM camp, I went to Watami with Yumiko! 😀
I forgot to bring my camera along so I had to use her compact! 😦
I normally zoom in into my subject but it’s now probably digital zoom so T___T yea…

Ebi katsu tamago toji!! 😀
Not bad but I prefer chicken! Cos I love chicken to death!!!!!
Yumiko kept talking to me… and didn’t watch her egg… and it became fried egg ahahhahahaha

This is the azuki crepe or something…
I just bombed a name that sounds like it belongs to food so if you don’t see it in the menu it’s not my fault.

Not bad!! I picked this but Yumiko liked it more.

This is the chocolate lava cake? fondant cake? Just some cake….

Yumiko picked this but I liked it more!!!!!!!!!!
It shows that we should eat together more often cos we can pick things for each other -_____-

Last Wednesday I had a golf workshop and then after that I went to Othello’s with Yumiko and Fendy and Glen!

It’s located at some remote (to me) place that’s filled with food and food and food and it pains me to know I don’t know how to get there -____-

Some bread… nice 🙂

Calamari rings… nice 🙂

Pancakes… weird 😦

It really has a weird taste… like if you taste it you will just go “weird…” yea… like that…

Panna cotta was weird as well. Tasted rather artificial even USS’s panna cotta was better!
So you see, the things I order are not nice wtf T_T I need to always eat with a food picker now don’t I?

Honey bunches of oats 😀

Ayam panggang! 😀
Weee ok I guess that’s all 😀
And thank you for reading my blog you all make me happy 😀
Actually I’m making myself happy too hahahahhahaha


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