Hello everyone! 😀
Finally I have a post of the food I ate on the same day and only for that day!
Unlike the previous post of 5 restaurants hahahaha 🙂

So today I got up early and headed to school.
To study. Covered 2 topics on MIEC and I studied supply 3 times just to make sure I get it wholly.
Omg I’m so hardworking I can’t understand why I don’t have a trophy yet.
Had my peach jelly at 8.10am or so…

I finished studying at 2.30pm T_T and was starving…
And I spent some time researching on lunch.
And I decided to go to Hatched at Holland Village!

I liked how the place looks like but it was really noisy in there because everyone’s talking at their tables.
Did I mention I went there alone and “table for 1″ed?!?!?!
So pathetic but I’m used to it already hahaha 🙂

Their service wasn’t really good 😦
They seem to be in a rush to do nothing all the time.
Like they couldn’t place my cutlery and napkin on the right side of the table gently and neatly… (I had to do it myself for the picture)
They just put it on the table (left side and not facing me) but chin chai cos today I was in a good mood!
So ya, come if you can tolerate such service because the food is good!! 😀

Sir Benedict
I find it quite delicious 😀
Bacon and ham was yummy!
So the whole restaurant is about eggs so I have to talk about the eggs right???
Ok I don’t remember the last time (also the first time) I had poached eggs. Probably 4 years back…
It was not bad but it tasted slightly funny at times but it was acceptable.
I think I will come back for the pancakes some day! Or other items! It’s quite pricey though 😦

Salad dressing was really salty…
Mashed potato was yummy!!
Normally I can’t like mashed potatoes because the potato would be really dry and the gravy just didn’t like me back or something like that…
It’s like moistly dry and the gravy isn’t regular gravy!! It’s like cream of mushroom soup or something.
The first time I tasted it I teared internally OMG!
It’s so genius omg!! 😀 I’ve been longing for a day I can finish my mashed potatoes and today is the day!!

Then I got them to serve my Chocolate Fondant.
I initially wanted panna cotta but when I asked which of the two I should order, they said they didn’t have panna cotta… 😦
So I had no choice but to have chocolate lava cake ok….
Kawaii but really overpriced!

It is like many others, quite tiny in size…
But the most disturbing fact is…. NO CHOCOLATE FLOWED OUT  -____-
It was soft and all but it just didn’t flow out like I expected it to!
It just stayed there! 😦
The outside was crunchy 🙂 and was sufficiently chocolatey 🙂
But really, how the molten chocolate decided to solidify really upset me!
Even Domino’s chocolate lava cake is better!!

Afterwards I paid for my meal then walked around in hope to find a neat cafe where I could sit at and study.
But I had to bump into Yong Chin and Victor and Jacob and Jia En and Edna and a few people I didn’t know…
Went to Starbucks with Yong Chin and Victor and talked about nothing for approximately 2 hours.
How I managed to do that I am clueless. But I am aware that I’m very talented in that area.
Then after that I went home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s all! 😀
I do think I should start saving up and go to Holland Village for meals every Wednesday, when I’m dismissed rather early.
It’s close to school, I have a direct bus home (provided I can locate the bus stop) and it’s like a village of food!
So I don’t see why that’s a bad idea! 😀


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