Nando’s & Pique Nique & The Manhattan Fish Market

Hello πŸ˜€
Haven’t blogged in approximately a week?? 😦
Today I went to school for a project but before that I watched Studio Ghibli’s Hotaru no Haka and it was really sad and all… ya
So after that I went to Jcube with Samuel to meet Yong Chin
And Yong Chin face is super funny the whole time cos I can read his mind

We went to Nando’s!

I ordered the usual Madeira red because it is just really really awesome πŸ˜€
I actually don’t really like this picture because the table edge was slanted but the focus was really good and I hoped no one would notice but now that I’ve mentioned it you can’t unsee the slant…. 😦

Angry Mango Burger
All I can say is that it was really spicy (chilli sort of spicy, not the pepper sort of spicy)
It really distracted me from enjoying my food and all 😦
I don’t like it!! I mean, it doesn’t even look very appetizing!

This is Yong Chin’s chicken pita, which looks way better!
Oh and we were seated by the rink and then someone fell with a thud and we laughed wtf….
The area next to me was really wet because the aircon above was mimicking a fountain so erm… SERVICE SETTING FAILURE!!!!

Then we went to Pique NiqueΒ for desserts!
First visit to the outlet at Jcube

I love the overexposure of this picture πŸ˜€

Ordering hot chocolate at Pique Nique’s like aΒ ritual for me
All for the marshmallow!!!!!!!!
The marshmallow was served upside down, which really upset me 😦
And explains why it’s more brown than white

Strawberry cheesecake!
That’s not very fresh…

It doesn’t taste like cheesecake!
It lacked the cheese taste and had a texture of that of a panna cotta instead
Biscuit crust (the cubes on top) I find nice
I believe there were some between the layers but it was really soggy 😦

Yong Chin’s red velvet cake
I’m not a big fan of red velvet (why?!?!?!?! 😦 ) but I’ve tried their red velvet cupcake before and it’s not bad!
I don’t like cream cheese a lot so if you’re like me I would recommend that you choose the cake over the cupcake.
The cupcake’s like 1:4 cream cheese:cake, but I think the cake’s like 1:9
Foot the bill and when we left Yong Chin told me they didn’t register my cheesecake!!!
AsΒ a good person that I am, I ran back to pay for it! OMG I’M SO NICE!!!! UNLIKE THEM!!!!!

By the way, before eating, Angel popped by to say hi because she was around the area πŸ˜€
Then Samuel went home and I went to Daiso at IMM with Yong Chin!
Very lame and nothing appealed to me enough to make me move it into the cart…
And did you know Yong Chin’s like super rich?!?!?!?! I think he will be robbed someday (touching wood as I type this)
Ok then went home!

Some Wella products I got for free….

And I painted my nails on Saturday!
China Glaze’s For Audrey!!! πŸ˜€
Little bitch chipped at my thumb nail so if I’m bored enough I’ll probably leopard my nails to mask it…

On Friday I had my second and last paper which I find really tough 😦
Went to Jcube with some of my classmates for lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market!

Cream of mushroom soup that came with the lunch promotion!
I like how it’s not very thick πŸ™‚

Regular dory fish ‘n’ chips that I’ve had before!
Still nice πŸ™‚
I really want to try the cod but it’s too pricey 😦
After the meal we went to the roof to just idle…
Zi Hui and I went to get some marshmallows to play chubby bunny!
We took an hour becauseΒ we took some time to window shop hahahahahah πŸ˜€
My chubby bunny record was 8 and I want and don’t want to see the pictures that are not yet available online…
Went back to school for a jamming session! πŸ˜€
It sucks how I can’t play any musical instruments T___T AND JOVY CHANG CAN PLAY EVERYTHING! T_______T

These are the food I had last week:

Kaki fuyong which is horrible if compared to Watami‘s amazing chicken katsu tamago toji!

Grass jelly soya!
I’ve been drinking this a lot lately because I hardly go to Makan Place where the honeydew juice is superb

Ban mian

Teriyaki chicken at SIM!
Apparently I ordered the wrong item 😦
It is said that SIM’s western food is delicious, but not this 😦

Ok that’s all! πŸ™‚
I’ll probably be heading to Orchard Road tomorrow…
Bye, money… We shall not be apart for long ❀



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