DIY: Granting my Espadrilles a Sense of Sight

This DIY was a super impulsive one but I’m satisfied with the results!
Gave my rather new espadrilles some eyes because… I don’t know why!!!!

It isn’t this shade of blue!! It’s really navy like in the other pictures…
I had these ASOS espadrilles ($18) about a month ago but I only wore it yesterday.
And now it’s got a whole new look!

Bought these 30mm googly eyes from Art Friend yesterday

Didn’t know what adhesive to use so I turned to UHU since it was all purpose and I don’t know what other glue I have around.
It was very old so it was really solid and I had to get a new tube.

I let the eyes sit 5cm away from the stitch and between the eyes there was a 1cm gap.
Even with a ruler, and pencil markings, I didn’t achieve a uniform gap between the eyes for both shoes ZZZZZZZZZZ
That’s how loser I am ok….

Used my fingers to faint the markings before sticking the eyes on

And it’s done!
These espadrilles are a size too large for me… and the back keeps slipping off! 😦
But chinchai!

Yesterday I went to Orchard more than 1 hour ahead of my friends so I walked around aimlessly, bought my eyes and thought of attaching it on my shoes, then went to Kinokuniya to look for Joe who was there as well!
Then I went to Ion to look for Puteri and we came back to Ngee Ann City so that I could get myself something from Paul!

Praline macaron! 😀
Haven’t tried the other flavours yet… but soon I shall!
I dropped the whole bag on the floor prior to taking the photograph but it was only slightly crushed on one side 😛
Then Zi Hui came and we went to Starbucks

I was psychoed into getting the mocha cookie crumble instead of my beloved SSC!
It is yummy as well but I still prefer SSC because the cookie bits got in between my teeth 😦
Then Min came and we went to Far East Plaza.

The last time my hair was this length was 3 years ago or something…
Then we walked and walked and walked
Then at 7 Zi Hui and Eldon and I went to Everything With Fries at OC.
The moment I saw the outlet I hate it!
It was like a fast food sort of concept I think… and most importantly, THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE ONE EGG SOUP!!!
Zi Hui and I shared our food

The hazelnut cake and the banana tart thing
Nice but not impressive! I really wanted to try the vanilla crepe but it was available only on weekends 😦
Then I went home.


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