Cold Rock & Hatched

Today I went to Holland Village 😀
I love that place so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are so many restaurants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But today I didn’t dine at a new place :/
I did, however, try a new item on the menu.
You’ll see later….

I was on time, in fact earlier, as always.
Everyone else was not punctual, as always 😥
But luckily the rest came around the same time.
In that case I’m the one who’s weird right??? 😦
Ok so to pass time while waiting for them I ate at Cold Rock for the very first time!

Fella bashing up my
So it really doesn’t look that appetizing in real life 😦

I got the smallest one since I was having it to pass time and to be allowed in an air-conditioned room
$7.50 is not worth it, really :/
But I guess I have to try it at least once right? And I have yet to try Cold Stone!!!!

Then Don came! 😀
Then Marissa came! 😀

Marissa gave me a can of Toyota fruits drops!!
She wanted me to brag about this Toyota thing about the fruits drops but I don’t know how la so please just feel impressed…
Then Joe came! 😀

We dined at Hatched and for very long we couldn’t decide what to order

I got me The Designer
It’s just an omelette with 3 toppings on toast
I find it very oily 😦

I had mine filled with ham, bacon and tomatoes
It was really filling I felt bloated after my meal!

I also added the Homemade Mash because I love it!
I do think it’s extra thick mushroom soup gravy
Only $3!!!! 😀

After our meal we went to Orchard Road!
Went to Isetan Scotts Supermarket because Marissa wanted to get stuff from the Hokkaido Fair that’s on till the 25th.
She bought dango which I haven’t eaten for a ultra long time I don’t remember what it taste like and I didn’t try 😛

Got tickets to Prometheus, my first NC16 show at the cinemas!!!
And I’m 17… But I’ve watched NC16 shows before I was 16 lor #badass
I really think it’s more PG13… It’s not as violent or gory
I don’t understand the show… I wanted to watch Madagascar 3 but EVERYONE was against it wtf 😦

After the show we went back to the Hokkaido Fair! And Joe left

I bought the gelato ^_____________________^ OMG

Yubari melon and vanilla
Omg it is so good T______T
Yubari melon one is maximum <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333
The vendor is super cute!! K. Suzuki!!!!
Don went to take a picture with him and he posed with the victory sign he is soooooo cute!!!
It was really funny when Don realised most of them were Japanese and then he went いくらですか when the price was already there wtf

Then Marissa left
Then Don and I went shopping!
Then he left and I shopped some more zzzzz
Today I spent more than $100 omg </3 it’s okay……..

Ok that’s all! 🙂
And it’s Yusof’s birthday today and Zi Hui’s tomorrow! 😀


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