Timbre @ The Arts House & Ah Chew Dessert

Been busy so I’m about to blog about Monday only today.
So on Monday my class celebrated Zi Hui’s and Yusof’s birthday after school.

Picture isn’t relevant to the celebration but I like Yong Chin’s face here so I’m posting it…
After the celebration we went for a jamming session! CROOKED BITCHES!!!! \m/

During jamming! Also not showing anyone performing but it has the most people in it!
And they persuaded me to skip Japanese class to go out to dinner with them!

We went to Timbre @ The Arts House on a bus from school!!!!!!!!
School’s magical…
Bus ride was well, noisy!
Mostly because of me…. or so I think

Had my first beer!

And I didn’t like it! What’s wrong with me…..

Vegetarian pizza

Timbre buffalo wings

Caesar salad
The poached egg’s delicious 😀

Roasted duck pizza
Many recommend it but while I think it is tasty I don’t find it cryworthy
All that food costed us $12 each! So impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yong Chin, me, Lynette

The whole group of people 😀

Then we went to Bugis!
At Ah Chew Dessert we were super noisy and everyone was complaining hahahaha

Mango sago and pomelo plus vanilla ice-cream
SO GOOD!!!! 😀

and a weird instax selfshot pose hahaha

Then we went to Bugis Junction and some left for home.
I was coerced to stay a little longer!!!!!!!!
We took neoprints!!

Seng Tiong looks super kawaii here lor! His eyes were enlarged till…
After that we went home!!! 😀
I love my friends 😀

The whole week I have been very detached from classes I feel horrible 😦
Exams are also coming 😦 </3
Lots of projects not started on </3
Ok bye 🙂

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