Nando’s & Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude

On Saturday I went to Jcube for dinner with 4E1.
So boring!!!!

At Nando’s omg I’m a bit sian of Nando’s already but it’s chicken so I DON’T GET IT

Wild mushroom soup
Omf can cry it is nice!!!!!

Different than I had previously but it tastes better cos it was spicy-ish
I always forget to order it when I’m there….

Madeira red as always!!!

Salad that I didn’t eat
They ordered the jumbo platter and it came with a lot of sides
I HATE NON-INDIVIDUAL SHIT! I need to take pictures of my food it’s a religion!

Some bread that also came with the jumbo platter
Not bad but the butter touched my finger so I didn’t like it

Old style chips!

Potato something I didn’t eat

1/4 chicken wtf it is so ugly!
Cos it came from the jumbo platter
Ok then finish.


So pretty

Strawberry slice

I bought and it is nice but Tampopo Deli’s strawberry shortcake is way way way better I miss it a lot!!

Pique Nique’s display and I didn’t buy anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we went to the top and played catching wtf
And I have no stamina
And I hit my hipbone
Ok bye!!!!!!!!!


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