Ikea & nydc

I’m typing this on the train on the way to Changi Airport because I have nothing to do. But when I do publish it I’ll be elsewhere.
Been very busy so I haven’t had the time to blog…

So last Monday I went to Queensway after skipping Japanese class again.
Went to make tees for Crooked Bitches.
I don’t remember if I have mentioned my beloved CBs on my blog but yea they’re a bunch of lovely people in my band and I’m the manager.
And a lousy one.
So lousy that the co-manager scolded me and wanted to take that role away from me!!! 😦
So anyway, we went to IKEA for dinner and it was really really late!

Chocolate mousse

Mushroom soup

Awesome meatballs

Chicken wings

I shared everything with Yong Chin and we each paid $15 only!
So ridiculously affordable!!!!!!!!!
I have never paid for my own food in Ikea so I hadn’t know….

On Friday after school we went to play Wii
And I tried learning the ukulele cos Min lent me hers
Then we went for a 6-8 jamming session!

And it was the day I realised that I may be able to fly one day if I try hard enough

I love jamming sessions! And Cassandra!!! She’s learning how to play nyan cat on the keyboard πŸ˜€

Then erm on Saturday, I went to school in the morning to complete as many assignments as I could (only completing a half-done Bcomm blog post)
Initially it was arranged for Yong Chin, Zi Hui, Eldon, Lailaiman and I to all come to school to do work
But I reached at 8.30 and Yong Chin came at 10 and then everyone else didn’t turn up la…
Then we went to Bugis to eat
He was starving lor so I didn’t get to eat 4 other restaurants I wanted to dine at zzzzzz
We ate at nydc

Shared a caesar salad
Bacon bits and chicken are love

Good ol’ fish and chips
Fish was nice but the batter was horrible in my opinion
It was so hard and I don’t mean it in a crispy way

Yong Chin’s 3 Amigos
Not bad

Boo boo
Chocolate’s rich and the burnt whipped cream reminded me of meringues and I love meringues so this cake really won my heart….

His red velvet cake
Ok ok la

Then we walked to Golden Mile and bought this black bag thingy…
Then we went to eat beancurd at 51 Soya Bean

Yea it is my first!
I’ve had like 3 spoonfuls of Laoban before and each time I didn’t think it is as delicious as everyone makes it out to be (yes I’ve not have my own bowl before)
But 51 is so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I hardly see anyone raving about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then we left for home…
Then at Jurong Point I shopped exhausted for hours trying to look for a formal attire that I require for future presentations
Then I went home lor……………..

Ok I am now back from Changi and and my feet hurt from standing from Tanah Merah to Clementi in heels…
I will blog about today another day! πŸ˜€


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