Prata Planet & Rocky’s Pizza & Robert Timms & Buttercake N Cream

Woah that is a lot. But not all!
I’m gonna share my food of 3 weeks omg
I can’t remember the daily happenings so you should be thankful there’d be less diary content πŸ™‚

The hand-scooped oreo ice-cream sandwich from Carl’s Jr. on 9 July
It’s not all that fantastic
And to be frank that’s the first and only Carl’s Jr. item I’ve ever bought and eaten

On 11 July after school I went to Prata Planet with my friends for well, pratas
That day I had a craving for pratas and in school I had 2 which was not satisfactory at all

Milo dinosaur
I love having milo dinosaur with prata πŸ™‚

Chocolate tissue prata
Really tiny and inferior in taste as compared to Al-Azhar’s amazing chocolate tissue prata
I had a kosong but no picture of it because erm… ya it’s simply a disc of blankness

On 16 July I was a little adventurous.
I tried poolside’s Japanese food.

Tempura moriawase bento with chawanmushi which was surprisingly impressive for a stall I avoided

On 18 July I went to Rocky’s Pizza for dinner

On the bus ride there from school I was very engrossed in a conversation with Hong Yong
The topic was pure imagination and it caused us to miss the stop it was so funny!
It shall not be disclosed here muahahahahahahahha

Seafood marinara
It looked and tasted slightly too watery
Other than that it was fine πŸ™‚

I like how at Rocky’s we can order slices of different flavours so we are not forced to get a whole pizza of only a flavour

Lighting was really bad there my pictures were all tinted and blurry

My Hawaiian slice
I make it a point to always go for Hawaiian when it comes to pizza because it’s Hawaiian pizza hello?

Then there was this tiramisu which I think was horrible…
At first contact I thought it was nice and then the dislike just kept escalating!

On 21 July I had breakfast at a hawker centre (I don’t know where) before heading to school
Why I went to school on a Saturday I shall never know…
Ok I think it was for a project

Grass jelly soya
I love grass jelly that’s not cubed but the beverage wasn’t as sweet as I’d like it to be

Ipoh hor fun!
Not bad πŸ™‚
Ok now it’s for real I went to school for a project because after that I left for Orchard because my friends were having this Be Nice event that received media coverage lolol
I was starving then and I rushed to get myself a praline macaron from Paul!
Yes you can get me a praline macaron from Paul anytime πŸ˜€
Had dinner at The House of Robert Timms
Yes, I have noticed I eat at RT a lot….
But they were having this 1-for-1 promotion for GSS and no other restaurants around had no queue!

Some chicken leg herb thing
Awesome! Maybe not… I just really love chicken

But I wouldn’t mind eating it again πŸ™‚

Some barramundi thing

I like fish much much less but it was fine
Shared both dishes with Yong Chin and we both paid $15 each!
Now, that’s a steal!!!!

Zihui’s pumpkin lasagna that I didn’t eat but took a picture of because I liked the burnt part on the plate

On 24 July I had this seafood hor fun at makan place
Holy mama it’s nice πŸ˜€ although the gravy isn’t as starchy and eggy as I’d like

On 25 July school ended really early, like at 11am after the last presentation
We went to Orchard but I had to go collect my new passport (ew photograph)
Came back and I didn’t get to eat the legendary chee cheong fun at Far East Plaza
I did however get myself a chocolate danish to go from Maison Kayser, unfortunately cold.

Min brought us to Chippy at Plaza Singapura to try this fried Mars balls
I got mine with vanilla ice-cream
Everyone seemed to love it to bits but I ate it without crying lor
It was nice but not nice enough to make me want it forever

Hot chocolate at Saybons
The marshmallow foam was lovely but not enough!
Ok actually the proportion was alright but I just like marshmallows a lot I mean who doesn’t, right?
I miss Pique Nique’s marshmallow cloud of big wonderfulness although their hot chocolate is a bitter bomb.

Last Friday I had dinner at Buttercake N Cream
I like that place πŸ™‚

Wild mushroom soup I shared with Zihui!
So proud of the vegetarian who drank the mushroom soup that has chicken broth in it (omg chicken)

It was really tasty!
I don’t know whether to rank it above Nando’s but it is one ofΒ the best mushroom soups I’ve tried

Caesar salad that I didn’t eat but took a picture of because it’s pretty

Sauteed mushrooms I shared with Zihui!

Had a very strong mushroom taste of tastelessness yet flavourfulness omg what does it mean
I wouldn’t pay $9.90 for it but it tastes ok

Chicken & Sausage
THE CHICKEN IS A DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The sausage was so-so, partly because I tasted the chicken first
Honestly, the chicken is MMMMMMMMMMMM

The selection of vegetables were also yummy πŸ˜€
The shiitake were also really yummy!
All in all I really really super duper love love love this dish
Would you all kindly go and have it? πŸ˜€

I had a strawberry shortcake!
Actually I wanted a mango cheesecake but they didn’t have it.
Then I asked for a strawberry cheesecake but they didn’t have it either.
Then I was suggested the strawberry shortcake which I didn’t see on the menu and my head kind of exploded a little imaginarily because I love strawberry shortcakes

The strawberries were way fresh πŸ˜€

Yums πŸ˜€
I miss Tampopo Deli’s strawberry shortcake awww

Zihui’s tiramisu!
Yums as well!
It had a good amount of coffee flavour and all I like it πŸ˜€
This is tiramisu! The other “tiramisu” above was well, “tiramisu” with the inverted commas
Don’t have a picture of Eldon’s oreo cheesecake

Yong Chin’s chocolate lava cake wtf!!!!
They didn’t say beforehand they had chocolate lava cake!
But it’s ok I’ll have it next time!
It was yummy!
Ok everything at this place was overall great πŸ˜€

Today my dinner was Pepper Lunch after Japanese class!

Chicken pepper rice with egg!
Cassandra accompanied me throughout my meal without eating any food 😦
And I knew deep down she wanted to eat so I felt like shit but she refused to take my food so… ok lor

Omg that is a lot of food for a post!
I have a thousand words for this post!!!
It is also no wonder I am so broke :/
Thank you for reading my blog you all are awesome ❀

Hi I forgot to add that I got myself a ukulele on Wednesday!
So here it is:

I’m learning how to play it πŸ˜€
And Sunday night I made myself a nyan cat passport holder

Ok that’s all! Goodnight!

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