Poulét & The Connoisseur Concerto

Good evening!!!
Finally I’m blogging on the same day I actually eat my food!!!!! 😀
Ummmm so today I went to Bugis!
For my job thing (omg I have a job)
Only I was 3 hours early…. but what’s new!!

I went to Bugis+ (the revamped Iluma) and was about to go to Ramen Champion.
I didn’t really have the ramen feeling today but everyone loves it so I was gonna try to love it
As I was walking toward it I happen to see some really shiny brown item on a poster…
Like unlike poles, the shop & I were attracted to each other.
Actually, I’m just a metal & the shop was a magnet……. -__-
So I entered Poulét and “table for 1”
Yes, the shiny brown item was roast chicken duh…

Mushroom soup!!
Not bad, very mushroomy 🙂

Croutons were lovely 😀

Another picture cos I’m that annoying this-angle-that-angle photog

The star dish of the restaurant – poulét roti!
My word…. it was good! 😀
Despite loving chicken so much I don’t actually know how a chicken butt taste like
And I believe I tasted it for the first time today with very much displeasure… :/

Came with this mushroom creamy thing
I don’t fancy creamy stuff much but this was alright!
Mushrooms were good 😀
I do think it’s the only outlet o.o so yea go get some chicken cos it’s good!
I still want to try Cocotte’s but I haven’t got the chance so I shall wait for that day 🙂

Afterwards I went to meet Yu Xuan for like 3 minutes?? to get back my portable charger that I left with her…
I had an hour to spare so I went to TCC.
For the first time.
Come on, don’t judge me! I only get to eat fancy stuff when I’m alone (most of the time)!!

Hazelnut latte that took ages to come but was granted forgiveness cos when it came, I mean would you just look at them layers o.o

Why would they do that??? I’m gonna drink it anyway!
(Just kidding, the presentation really made me happy)

Yes, it is good.
But I spent $8 on it omg $8 on coffee omg and I’m living on pocket money!
Ridiculous yes, but life is short.
Was reading a book the whole time I was there ^___^

Ok then ummm went to the job thing for a training and yea I went home!
Tomorrow’s Chunk Fest 😀
I’m going with Lynette! 😀
It’s gonna be my first because….
I only got to eat my first B&J’s at 13
& I learnt about Chunk Fest when I was 16 and too busy with exams to actually go…


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