Modern Peking Duck & B&J’s Chunk Fest & Antoinette & Marché

All in a day?
Yes, I food-hopped with Lynette today 😀
Before I left home I painted my nails hurriedly…

CG’s Snow Globe over CG’s For Audrey
I don’t really like the look & it’s wearing off soon -___- so yea
I am aware that my nails and cuticles are revolting but I haven’t kept my nails mega long since that time my nail tore off… and I don’t know what to do about it

At VivoCity we wanted to find food and stumbled upon Modern Peking Duck.

I’ve seen it before from the other side but never gave a damn
All I ever thought was “why are there roasted ducks in the middle of nowhere…”
I wish when I wondered I actually was curious enough to find out cos it took me SO long to realise they sell peking duck!!
I rarely get to eat them cos I hardly go to Chinese restaurants!

Shared this with Lynette!
They were so very good 😀
Not those crazy crispy kind but I actually like this more 😀
I am missing it a whole lot right now!
It’s $6 for a box of 5 pieces; I’m not entirely sure if it’s expensive or not o.o
But it is gooooooood.

Then we made our way to Siloso Beach for Chunk Fest 2012!!!
Red Velvet Cake only came in a pint! 😦
Just 2 of us can’t afford a whole pint there cos I mean it’s so ridiculous 😦
$20 for 4 servings for 2 o.o
Surely I would get it if I found 20 faircoins in the sand! 😦

We got Late Night Snack & AmeriCone Dream
Quite disappointing because they both taste similar while different 😦
Vanilla and fudge-something…
Oh well :/
Then I hugged the maple tree and got a tiny tiny serving of Maple Tree Hugger
Could have gotten it in place of either one we bought 😦
We went at 2 and the place was really empty…
There was hardly any mood there lor 😦

Then I got a bunch of merchandise 😀
$10 for the drawstring bag, $6 for the shirt, $2 for the pin badge, $2 for the shovel spoon
And I kept a faircoin as a souvenir 🙂
Ok what the hell I’m crazy spending $20 for a bunch of merchandise but B&J’s!!!! It’s alright!!!

Then we were really thirsty so we went back to VivoCity & kept looking for water….
Went to some random shop and got super chilled water and at first contact with the water my mouth was so happy I think I teared hahahahaha
We then left for Orchard Road!!!! 😀
Went to Antoinette at Palais Renaissance!
I’ve ever been to Antoinette twice (Mandarin Gallery’s) & I haven’t tried their cakes before!
OMF ;____;

I cried eating it it was so yummy!!!

Lynette was saying grace so I took this picture hehe

Gotta come back for more cakes next time T_T
It’s T_T wow T_T T_T

Then we tried finding early dinner and many places had queues so we settled for Marché

Mushroom soup & orange juice for me!

2 times I’ve been here 2 times I got this
Am I boring or what.

Her beef crepe (or something)!
Not bad but I’m no big fan of beef :/

Afterwards we went home!
I think I made Lynette broke just by having her go out with me O.O
When I asked her if she had enough money she kept going “有” cos I once told her when something is said in Chinese the impact is somehow larger hahahaha
So I don’t know now….
My money is depleting like ummmmm *I don’t wish to know*
Life is short, eat.


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