Strictly Pancakes

Hello!! 🙂
Today I went to Dhoby Ghaut too early so I got me a pair of contact lenses.
Freshkon’s shimmering grey!
I’ve always bought blue (don’t ask me why cos I don’t actually know) but they only had that colour in my degree so I thought I’d give it a try and damn it’s nice 😀
By the way I brought out my 500D today!
I should take it out more often 🙂
Although there is an increase in volume and weight it does take more decent photographs 😀
I kind of forgot how to use my dslr cos it’s the 2nd time (I think) this year I made use of it -__-

Lynette came and Marican came so we went to Strictly Pancakes!
Not too far a walk from Plaza Singapura.
Min came afterwards cos… when is she not late?? o.o

Hazelnut latte!
I don’t know why I seem to have this obsession over hazelnut latte but I do
So yea…

It was really good 😀
Please get it if you like hazelnut latte or don’t know what to order there!

Strawberries & co.

Savour your medium stack with seasonal mixed berries fresh from the grocer, cream and strawberry coulis served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Very very yummy!!
Or maybe I haven’t had much pancakes as of late…
But it is really good 😀
I shall go back next time to try out the other flavours

I read a tip on Foursquare saying that it’s impossible to finish 3 pancakes.
I did.
I am a monster.
I am indeed one for I finished faster than the rest with a short stack each.

Then what the hell it was raining!!
On a day I wore my espadrilles out 😦
Had my feet all soaked walking back to the MRT station…
Went to Marina Square for a super duper impromptu activity!

I thought I was just a chinchai bowler…

Mana tau I won first game lor!
114 with 3 strikes muahahahahaha

Damn funny those were their names hahahahahahaha
Mine was simply Casia

Second game I don’t know what happened ah…
Pancakes drained but I got an auspicious number lol but it’s only 3 pins less than Scrubhead cos I got my first — lor
I think it’s very sad the tv thing doesn’t congratulate me when I get a strike or spare…
Like thanks for your encouragement…

Then we went home!
That’s all…
And I’m working for Olympus at Comex!
Starts this Thursday O_O
Everyone please go buy cameras from me ^___^V peace out!


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