Kith Cafe

Hello from medium-length hair me!!
Today I went out for some me time! 😀
Mucked up my eyeliner on the left eye lol it was perfect on the right.
By eyeliner I mean eyeshadow lining my eyes and by the end of the day everything gets smudged so I look like I’ve not slept in ages or I just got double-punched.

Anyway, I headed out to Park Mall.
First time at Park Mall hahahah I fail as a Singaporean, don’t I?
Went to Kith Cafe 😀

Hazelnut latte
Which tasted very much like latte, without hazelnut.

Big breakfast!!!
Choice of bread: brioche
Choice of egg: sunny-side up
Didn’t really find it impressive but it was good 😀
Not something cryworthy…
But I mean, I don’t get this kind of food cooked at home so yea I’m really happy

Oh yes I love the egg!!
I think Antoinette’s egg is better but this is much less oily 🙂
Also, the bratwurst sausage is yummy!
Were it not for Robert Timms, I would never have known sausages come in forms other than chicken franks!

By the way, the big breakfast consists of toast, eggs, bacon, bratwurst sausage, sauteed mushrooms and grilled tomato.
Was eating as if I have never handled cutlery all my life…
I’m just really bad with eating runny eggs with a fork ok?
Next time I come I might order the same thing with white bread and scrambled eggs if I do not try something new 🙂
Also, if the weather’s cooler I might sit outdoors for better lighting and more privacy.
Was facing the counter as I ate and I felt very insecure cos like I said, I was eating like it’s my first time using cutlery.
Aaaaaaaaaaand $24, gone! D:

So there’s been a comment that eating alone is very pathetic.
It may be. Ok, it is.
But I don’t find it very sad at all because I take more time taking pictures of my food than actually eating my food (I think)…
Aiya, it’s called me time for a reason…
Sometimes I need to date myself!!

Then I went to Far East Plaza.
Got my hair cut.
I tried checking in on Foursquare but somehow nothing loaded so nobody really knows I cut my hair…
All my friends complain about how my hair is too long and too thick and too dry…
Not my fault right!!! 😦
So now I have my hair ending at my armpits 😦
Now I know that I need my hair 5cm longer than that (its previous length)…
But the ends were unhealthy anyway and it needed trimming…
Ok I’ll see who actually notices the drastic change in hair length…
Now when I have my hair up it’s like a crazy bush sticking out of my scalp it’s revolting compared to my previous straight cut.
Guess I’ll have to get used to this until my hair is long enough again to get a straight cut.

Went shopping afterwards.
Bought a bunch of socks cos they were so kawaii I nearly died

Check out that pig thing *dies*
Then I went on to spend more money…
And letting go of a cardigan I wanted cos it is not my size and I was spending more money than I have already.
I was spamming tweets a lot today and I apologise for that (lol no I’m not apologetic!!!)

Then I went home!!
Ummm I’m going for a camp 6-8 so tomorrow is the day I pack.
Oooh when I worked at Comex, I sold 69 Olympus cameras! 😀
It’s the first time I’ve ever worked in my entire life so I guess it’s not that bad!
That was 4 days of past-midnight sleeps and jeans.
And I was permanently annoyed by customers who say they will return but don’t, and those who changed their minds about buying the cameras, and those who take up a lot of my time by not researching about the products beforehand when they are so anal about comparing zzzz
Ok that is all! 😀


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