The HandBurger & Harry Potter: The Exhibition & Wendy’s

Was in camp the past 3 days and today I went out (omg so tired omg so sleepy)
Went to City Hall to meet Yong Chin for lunch!!!

Lunched at The HandBurger

His chicken caesar!

Ate this before (without cheese and dressing) and it was really yummy!!

Forgot the fries here was nice and stupidly I ordered the mushroom soup!

My duck confit!

Nice, but I think the combination of ingredients is very ummmmm
Like it tastes very weird…
Biggest flaw is that it is duck and not chicken!
I love chicken but today I ate duck </3

Another picture without the clutter at the back
I like to eat burgers when all the ingredients are between the buns so I tried and it was really painful stuffing it in and I probably looked like there was famine and ummm ya I just thought that you should know…

Was really bloated after lunch…
Walked to the ArtScience Museum under the rain 😦
Walked around MBS when Jacob joined us then we went back because the others have arrived.

Went to the Harry Potter exhibition!!! 😀

The flying car

Adeline, Yong Chin & I

Yong Chin, me, Adeline, Michelle, Amanda, Cassandra, & Jacob
It’s very nice inside!
But it’s a pity I forgot most of the movies :/
And I’ve not read any of the books (I really should start, shouldn’t I?)

We bought photographs!!!!!!!
I didn’t buy any merchandise because I am broke 🙂

Went to Wheelock Place afterwards for nothing then to Wendy’s for dinner!
Super funny!!! Cassandra had a bunch of vouchers hahaahahahaha

My nuggets meal
Was still full from lunch but I still ate it because I didn’t want to feel hungry at home
Jacob & I disturbed Cassandra & Yong Chin non-stop wtf but it was fun
Then we went home!!!

Ok that is all 😀

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