Dôme Café & MOF の My Izakaya

Hello! 🙂
Today I went out late!!!
Deliberately late of course!
Cos Cymbeline and I were meeting Joe and Joe is sure to be late so we came later than the arranged timing.
But Cymbeline got up late so we were even later… zzzz

We went to Paragon wanting to eat at Din Tai Fung but there was a queue because we were late zzz…
So we went to Dôme Café!

Iced coffee with gelato!
Coffee was really bitter…
I think I had this before o.o
With the same main course I ordered o.o
Only at a different outlet.

Cymbeline’s fish & chips which I did not taste so I can’t tell you what it’s like

My grilled black pepper chicken!
This chicken was really fat and disappointing!!! 😦
The other time when I had it over at Shaw Centre it was better although I gobbled it down in like 12 minutes cos I was late for class…

Mushroom also tasted funny
Sauce was insufficient
Yea… 😦

Then we went to watch ParaNorman in 3D 😦
Holy shit it’s a terrible show!!
Cymbeline and I wanted to watch Step Up Revolution but Joe insisted on watching this crappy show!!
I shall never watch movies with Joe ever again.
The other time he made me watch 2359 at the same cinema and I cried 5 minutes into the show and didn’t stop ZZZZZ

Then……. we walked around and around then we went home o.o
Weirdest outing ever!!
Oooo before leaving we were at the basement of Takashimaya
And I got this strawberry crepe

It was lame…
I can’t remember where it was from but that isn’t important cos it is passable.
Jurong Point used to have this crepe shop and I only ever ate it once but it was so good!!
Then the shop vanished… and I don’t know where I can get crepes now!!

Then I went to Jurong Point.
Searching for dinner.
Went to the Japanese food street and the food were like mehhhhhhhhh
Then I went to the newly opened MOF の My Izakaya that was also linked to Lenas!
I wanted to try the food at Lenas but after flipping through the menu I realised I had to get udon.
I’ve been craving for it since Thursday!

Ocha! 😀
Came in this really cool pot with fire underneath!
So that my tea was at scalding temperature and it was a pain drinking the tea right after pouring it
The tea’s not bad… but I left half the pot untouched cos I was full and tired by the end of the meal and the tea was too hot…
I also decided that I need a tea set in the future cos it’s awesome!

Omelette udon!!!!!!!! 😀
Before ordering I asked if the plain udon or omelette udon is better and the latter was recommended.
But he’s right!!! It is nicer 😀

Much more flavourful and there’s crab leg in it and yea egg!
They sliced my sliced naruto up and I don’t know if I like it better that way

Then I went home!!!!
I’m really happy there’s MOF so close to where I stay!
I can go for kakigori or udon as and when I like!!!
But it isn’t for long for I am moving out soon but I’m sure there are even more food there


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