Hello 😀
Today I woke up when my alarm went off and I checked my examination results!!
I think it is an average?? GPA 3.4615?
I have no idea how polytechnics work ok…
So after that I went back to sleep for a while and then got up again!

Walked to Jurong Point to meet Yong Chin!
I was hesitant about bringing my camera out because I don’t even know what we’re gonna have for lunch because I was there to pass him my portable charger…
Luckily I brought my Pen anyway!!!!!

Because we had lunch at Lenas!!
Couldn’t help but notice how terrible the photoshop on the menu is!
Normally when I spot identical garnishes I would shake my head but this, this is just out-of-this-worldly bad!!!
It is so… never mind, please go there yourself it is quite entertaining…

His grilled chicken salad!

My grilled chicken mushroom!
Omg it’s so super shiny I kind of died when my food came!

Chicken was quite nice although quite fat…
Mushroom gravy wasn’t very nice la…
Then I added pepper but it didn’t improve much in taste so I was disappointed because I thought Chef Casia had a nice ring to it

Parma fries was amazing 😀
Right crisp, acceptably oily, not dry, etc.
I found it really nice la ok, just go buy it 😀
It’s a pity I didn’t finish it but I cleared most of what’s on the plate despite feeling full halfway into it!

(One last this-angle-that-angle shot of my food :P)
Garden salad was not bad!
Love the salad dressing!!!! It’s like lemon or something…
I asked for no dressing but then it came separately so I was happy it did otherwise I wouldn’t have had a taste of the dressing 😀

His carbonara creamoso!
Next time I dine here I’ll try the pasta!
Don’t know what stopped me for the second time

Creme brulee
The worst creme brulee I’ve ever tasted!!!!!!
It looked hard, felt hard, and tasted horrible wtf
The vanilla ice-cream was good though!
I ate half of it and then ummm I engraved ‘SUCK’ with the spoon cos there wasn’t enough space for another S at the end…
Yong Chin’s never eaten creme brulee before and after I said this one sucked he still went ahead and tried it wtf 勇敢

His matcha ice-cream!
Which costed less than half what mine did but probably tasted way way way better!

Then walk here walk there buy this buy that and then went home!
Almost forgot to pass him the charger lor!!!
If really forgot then is really 白去 or something my Chinese is very bad…
By the way my Japanese result was A+ hell yeah!
Which reminds me I have Japanese homework to complete since I am planning on continuing lessons.

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