Soup Restaurant & Frostbite

Today I went to popo house…

I had KFC porridge & an egg tart!
I can never get the amount of pepper right…
I won’t be able to taste it 3/4 sachet, but upon emptying it I can only taste pepper and nothing else! šŸ˜¦

Then went to Suntec City.
Got me a luggage.
HadĀ late lunch / early dinnerĀ at Soup Restaurant
Another oddity. Because I tend to steer away from anything Chinese.

Samsui ginger chicken!
Yum! šŸ™‚

Double boiled waisan and ginseng roots with chicken soup!
I normally love herbal chicken but this has this funky new herb I’ve not tasted before and I am unsure of how I feel about it o.o

Fried broccoli with scallops!
Super ridiculous price -___- and the scallops weren’t very fresh although acceptable

Herbal jelly!
Very nice šŸ™‚
It was smooth and all but it was difficult to eat because the whole blob moves when trying to spoon out a piece of it…

Then we walked around and then we got popsicles from Frostbite

I got the mixed berries popsicle
It melts very quickly, it’s overly sweet and it’s hard to believe it’s made with natural fruitĀ ingredients zzzz
To be honest I’d rather spend the money on actual ice-cream, yummy fattening unhealthy delicious ice-cream!

Ummm ok that’s all…
And I don’t know why but right now I feel somewhat sad but I don’t even know what for!


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