51 Soya Bean & Watami

Reason for blogging this late is because I got home very late -___-
So anyway, today was meant for me to stay at home and do random things until it’s time to sleep again.
Yong Chin called me to go out for dinner (it was 2pm when he called) zzzz and then I said no.
Then the gas at home ran out and I was starving!!! T_T
So I was forced to get out for food zzzz

Went to 51 Soya Bean at Clementi with Yong Chin!!
So happy there’s an outlet so close πŸ™‚
I think 51 beancurd is much much much better than Lao Ban’s cos it actually tastes like beancurd…

Yum πŸ˜€
It’d be nice if I had a bunch of this at home but no I don’t…
But it’s ok because ummm absence makes the heart grow fonder… or something…

Took a bus to Orchard Road!
Went to Scape to say hi to Daryl who was working πŸ˜€
And I saw 987FM’s Muttons there as well! Both of them!
I used to listen to the radio a lot last time when I actually had a room to myself and a radio.
And I love them!
Ok then Jacob came!
Then we walked and walked and walked all the way to Ion -_______-
Then we sat and talked then we went into Watami!

Yong Chin’s sukiyaki nabe!

Jacob’s ishiyaki black pepper beef rice (I think)
I ate the awesome usual chicken katsu tamago toji that I’ve blogged about before.
No picture because I took 3 and deleted a bad one then realise all of them were gone!!!!!!
It’s so tragic but fortunately it is of something I’ve had before so no biggie!
So this is a terrible blog post about food (of other people’s food that I didn’t taste)…

Post-meal chat was damn long!!!!
And very very funny!
Cos Jacob & I just kept on laughing at Yong Chin hahahaha
It’s the same as the other time it’s just very funny!
And then I was challenged to keep a poker face but I can’t so ya

Ummmmmm ok that’s all!
So sorry my blog post turned out like that!


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