Oriole Café and Bar

Hey 😀
Walked to Somerset from Dhoby Ghaut for the first time today!
Had no idea they were so close!

Shopped a little and headed to Oriole Café and Bar!

Chocolate fudge cake!
Really yummy!
Warm & chocolatey 😀
The almond flakes were in a clump and they were hard…
When I first tasted it I thought it tasted like meat hahahaha
Raspberry sauce tasted really nice when it stained the cake 🙂
It’s like thick chocolate with a hint of fruitiness; it’s so interesting.

Vanilla latte 😀
The coffee here is very aromatic 🙂
I added a packet of sugar and it reached that awesome coffee bittersweetness!
Tastebuds may be off cos I ate the cake first and I was like nooooooooo my coffee!!!!!!
Also I dare not add too much sugar cos I can get carried away and ruin the whole cup…

I read a few pages of the book with extremely slow progress while I was there.
Then it was close to 6pm and candles were placed on the tables and the lights were dimmed.
I was cafe-ing at bar-time!!! -_____-
But I left soon after as I was done with my coffee and my mother was coming to pick me.

I’d come another day to try other stuff and a different coffee 😀
I was deciding between an eton mess (some awesome meringue & whipped cream thingy) & the above cake but the waiter suggested the latter.
Maybe he thought it was a good idea to delay diabetes and I must thank him lolol
But I must have the eton mess someday!!
They also have a range of food-food although quite pricey but they seem nice…
And the staff over there were very polite and all!
I want to go back!!!


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