The resurrection of my iPod & Marché

Today (12am++), my iPod froze on the connect to iTunes screen wtf I hate it so much!!
Then this morning I woke up and called Apple because I tried all sorts of methods to fix it to no avail…
I then went to Jurong Point’s nubox and they wanted to charge me $30 for a restore!!!! WTF!!
So I went to Wheelock Place’s Epicenter to get help. FREE HELP!
I love them so much although my iPod is completely empty after that…
I didn’t really care because a day without Instagram was so painful!

Met Jacob & Yong Chin!
Said hi to Daryl at work again!!
Cassandra pangseh-ed us 😦
Went to Marché for dinner!
Photos are taken with Yong Chin’s phone because I didn’t have with me a decent camera… 😦

Half roasted chicken 😀
Love everything about it except for the fact that it has bones…
And they kept scolding me for not eating my chicken properly zzz

Movenpick’s creme brulee ice-cream!!
So yummy 😀
Afterwards I got a root beer…

Ok then I went home!
Ok that’s all!!!
Damn I really need an iPhone…

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