Eighteen Chefs & Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie

Today I was reduced to cents…
So here’s how it happened:

Went out to meet Yong Chin & took a train to Tiong Bahru, deliberately late….
And Lynette and Min were even later D:
I was starving…
Went to Eighteen Chefs!
Only an hour after the arranged meeting time did we all gather 😦 poor me was dying of hunger…

Iced lemon tea!
Not bad 😀
I prefer the one at Dulcet & Studio though!

Min’s chocolate fudge waffle or something like that…
According to her it’s not nice but it’s addictively chewy?
And she finished the whole thing.

My cheese-baked pasta with tangy tomato sauce and chicken slices, mushrooms & chicken sausage!!
It was a student meal so instead of 2 ingredients I was forced to have 3 so yea awesome!!!!
Very yummy 😀
The only thing I hate about it is the size of the bowl 😦
It was so full that food threatened to fall out with each spoonful 😦
But this is awesome!!!!!! 😀

Complimentary ice-cream!
Very nice! Love the chips in it 🙂
Ok so I was very stuffed before the ice-cream was served & being me, I had to do a verbal tweet so I exclaimed that I was full coincidentally when a waitress was clearing the table and omg so paiseh


Went to Orchard Road after our lunch and we walked around…
And in a few minutes I spent $11 on nail products T_T and was left with about $3 in my wallet zzz
Oh and I said hi to Daryl at work (not sure if he’s working or not) again!!
It’s so funny doing it every other day or so hahaha
Went to Paragon’s Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie for a tea break soon after!
(Do keep in mind I had only $3 in my wallet)
And even though I was full from lunch, I unlocked my second stomach T_T
Because I couldn’t resist my favourite feuilletine macaron from Canelé 🙂

Us girls got macarons 😀

Being left with $3 I could only afford one so yea that one feuilletine macaron is mine!
The depth of field is amazing here woaaaaah

Love love love this flavour 😀

Yong Chin’s triple chocolate cheese cake!
Looks good, taste good!
I really got to come here and eat one day, with money of course.

Ate the raspberry, slightly overripe

His cafe latte!
Such pretty latte art!

Cross-section of an onion hahahahahahaha
Sat there just chatting!
Love sitting around and chatting and doing nothing in particular 😀

Ok then we all left for home!!
At the end of the day I was left with 30 cents. Only 30 cents.
Right now I feel hungry again 😦


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