eM by the River & Paris Baguette Cafe & Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Hello!! 😀
I have made known to all that on Monday I was starving so there was no way I was gonna let it happen consecutively…
So today (Tuesday) I made it a point to get up early and head out for food 😀
Took a train to Clarke Quay and tried to walk to Robertson Quay while trying to recall the map of the area I studied the previous night.
However 努力 I seem, I actually got lost for a moment before I found my way -___-
So, Epicurious wasn’t serving Eggs Benedict on weekdays so umm buh-bye~!
Yes I really wanted them so badly for no particular reason…
And 谢天谢地 I looked for an alternative quick enough before I die of fatigue but in the process I also got lost.

Thanks to a hotel staff at Gallery Hotel, I found eM by the River!! 😀
They serve all-day breakfast daily so it’s a mega huge ass plus point 😀
Didn’t see anything else on the menu but Eggs Benedict and ordered it immediately lololol
(There are a lot more options but I was blind to them ya)

😀 😀 😀
So yummy!! 😀
I could be biased cos it’s been ages since I last had Eggs Benedict.
But it’s very yummy nonetheless!!

I used to hate yolk. Solid or runny. I hate them.
These poached eggs were amazing yum yum 😀
I too want a dish named Eggs Casia…

Walked back to Clarke Quay and took a bus to Killiney Road.
Alighted late because I’m a city idiot and then I crossed the wrong road and had to walk back like a complete loser T_T
Went to Orchard Central and took a look at Dean & Deluca!
Must give it a try soon!!!
Then I walked to Wisma Atria (omg my legs hate me) and went to Paris Baguette Cafe cos it sounds new and cool okrrrr…

Strawberry shortcake 😀
Cake is not bad, but it can’t compare to Tampopo Deli’s!!

Fruits were very fresh!
Cream is good for you cream is good for you
The things here are rather ridiculously priced though…
A glance at the menu and I saw that orange juice was $9. $9.
It’d better taste like it was from God’s pantry otherwise it’s a ripoff, guys…
Of course the thrifty (read broke) me settled for iced water.
Their iced water is very tasty by the way!!
Awesome plainness of it all and the ice is so cold I believe it was negative something something degrees Celsius yawww!

Went to Kinokuniya afterwards and found a space on the floor to plant my ass!
Read Jacqueline Wilson’s Lizzie Zipmouth! The whole book!!!
It’s because Sapphire Battersea was so thick I’d hate it if it got interesting and I don’t want to spend food-money on books!
Then I found that book afterwards at reachable height wtf so I read 2 chapters off it.

Went to Serangoon for dinner with Yong Chin & Fiona & Nicole!!
Felt like I was being thrown into another world! Serangoon’s so foreign to me!
Met Yong Chin and Fiona and then went to see Nicole!
I must confess saying hi to people when they are working is so much fun I don’t know why…
Then we went to Chomp Chomp and Nicole joined us after! Hen dre.

Hokkien mee I couldn’t quite taste

Giant sugar cane juice! GIANT!!!!!!

Satay! Yums 🙂

Fiona & foods! *steals dimples*

Chicken wings! Yums 🙂
When it came I was eating the hokkien mee and then I forgot what happened cos I couldn’t see and then I was laughing omg when do I not embarrass myself -__-

This popiah, is so sad.
I said no chilli and I was given chilli.
So eating it I kind of died and when I went to change it for a chilliless one I couldn’t taste it properly so yea I hate it…

Supposedly the best sting ray (photo stolen from Yong Chin’s IG)
that I won’t ever get to taste because it is covered in chilli

Prawn omelette! (photo stolen from Nicole’s IG)
Yum 😀

Sambal kangkong (photo stolen from Nicole’s IG again)
that’s like every Singaporean’s favourite vegetable dish or something, save mine!!!!
Honestly, every dish we had except for the satay had chilli with it!
What is so nice about chilli?? TELL ME!!!!
Ok then Nicole left earlier for work!
And then we had post-meal chat…
And then we left!
And I left smelling like Chomp Chomp zzz

Walked here and there and then we went home!!
Ok that’s all!
That’s a lot of walking. My legs are rehating me as I type this.


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