Fig & Olive

Hello 🙂
Today I went to Jurong Point for lunch with Yong Chin at Fig & Olive!
There because there’s a 1-for-1 promotion and both of us are somewhat broke…

Classic BBQ chicken pasta!
Pasta was bad lol but of course edible…

Chicken was nice though!
Except the BBQ sauce didn’t quite go with the chicken…
Or maybe I just don’t really like BBQ sauce in general???
I don’t know….
I forgot what I ordered last time and I liked it a lot 😦

His Maghribi chicken with olive rice!
Only comment I heard was that it was spicy and the chicken was nice…

Afterwards it was gossip gossip gossip and then we went to McDonald’s for ice-cream and more gossip!!
Then went home to continue packing for tomorrow’s cruise trip!!
By the way it’s Amira’s birthday today so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (But the recipient doesn’t read my blog lor…)


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