Itacho Sushi

Hello πŸ˜€
Saturday’s JAJ outing was really fun although I didn’t socialise with people I don’t already know because I am like that…
I got darker and a cut on my neck and a huge ass bruise on my wrist!

And this is damn funny HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Also I found a really cute tiny bug that vanished 😦
Dinnered at Marina Square’s Swensen’s with Min, Amirah, Yong Chin, Jacob, Eldon!

The food was terrible!! So was the lighting (explains the flash photography)…
And I ordered the very food I usually order because of its niceness but this has disappointed me to no end!
And they put cheese on my burger!! They don’t normally do!!!
I hate this branch so much!
Post-meal chat was hilarious though!! πŸ˜€

Today I went to school for a briefing!
I must confess I threw a good amount of bread today and I feel very bad about it but my bag was really bulky and I wasn’t gonna eat it anymore so yea 😦
After the briefing, Min, Zi Hui, Eldon, Hong Yong, Yusof & I went to Lorong Kilat with all hopes of finding Carpenter and Cook…
Spent lots of time under the blistering heat walking at a completely wrong area, then when we were at a correct street, we still failed to find the bakery so they settled for egg tarts at Fancy Delight…

I didn’t try any because I was bent on having cakes and I guess the inner me refused to get one or even a nibble…
Didn’t know my friends’ determination was as strong as nothing at all wtf and they all wanted to go home after egg tarts!!
So appalling how they don’t want to hunt down the bakery -___-

Took a bus to Orchard Road with Min!! πŸ˜€
Went toΒ Itacho Sushi for lunch!!

Hot green tea! πŸ˜€
So nice πŸ˜€

Chawanmushi with crab meat!!!
Even though my bowl only had this one really small piece of chicken, IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!
It’s soft and flavourful and with each spoonful I took I got happier and happier πŸ˜€
Magical chawanmushi ❀

Min’s spicy fish cake or something like that!
Subtle spiciness but it’s really yummy!

Tempura udon!

Udon was quite ordinary though…

Tempura was nice but when it’s cold it’s not that great 😦

Tamago and ebi tempura sushi! πŸ˜€
So yummy!!
They have a wide variety of wild options actually, but I’m not that adventurous. Yet. To try out the others…
The ingredients used were so good!
Although it’s a little more pricey (a very slight few cents) than normal take-away sushi, it’s worth it for its freshness and quality πŸ˜€

Hand rolls!
Cheap and so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tamago hand roll!
Everything’s so yummy!!
The nori is a dream ❀ so crispy πŸ˜€
I am already missing the sushi and hand rolls! 😦
I’ll definitely come back for more!!!!!

After late lunch, Min went off and I went to Kinokuniya to continue reading the book and stop after chapter 6!
Went home afterwards!
Ok that’s all…


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