Antoinette & Shots Café

Today went to Popo’s house and then had Canadian Pizza for lunch!
Later after noon I went to explore the Ann Siang Hill area 🙂

There were a few people there with big cameras hanging from their necks like myself.
The only difference was I’m absolutely lazy to take pictures and I am alone.

It was raining on the ride there but thankfully it stopped upon arrival.

Went to Antoinette!

Praline macaron 😀
Praline’s the flavour I always choose.

Walked on and found a really pretty cake shop!

It was quite crowded in there so I didn’t get the chance to eat there…
I must come here and try their cakes next time because they look good and Hazel’s also recommended it!

Adjacent is Oakham Market.
It was all to me shocking.

Walked on.


Went to Shots Café!
Prior to today I found out about this place and was keen on trying out their coffee!

Hazelnut latte kept me waiting for about 10 minutes but I had no rush so I was really calm about it.
Tastes lovely 🙂
Hazelnut flavour wasn’t very distinct though.
Left when I finished my coffee.
I was the only one there who’s without company and the most casually-dressed and with the most undone makeup.

Found this beautiful bookstore, Woods In The Books 🙂
It’s really pretty inside 😀
Came out and it was pouring!
Went into 7-Eleven and bought me a waste of a dollar.

So cute!!
I had 9 bands instead of the supposed 8 because there was a duplicate.

Then I found a really nice cookware shop, Pantry Magic!

I kind of died when I saw this 😀
If I had my own kitchen I’d probably buy lots of stuff from here.

Went to Tiong Bahru after that.

Walked around and found a café with the exact same welcome sign as Kki!
Both shops caught my eye with that sign so I guess I really like that sign.

Giant, like really really giant, crabs.

Found Tiong Bahru Bakery!

Must eat here one day.


Dinnered at Old Tiong Bahru Bak Kut Teh with mummy!
Love the soup so much.

Ordered tau kee this time around! 😀
Love love love tau kee!

Ok that’s all!
I love being a tourist in Singapore!
And today’s my last day as a tourist in Singapore because I’m going back to Ngee Ann Polytechnic!
Yes, I’m a Singaporean who doesn’t know very much about Singapore so I think it’s perfectly fine to label myself a tourist.
And school begins tomorrow, or rather, later.
This means I’ll be having less good food (read less blog posts) and I’m gonna be sad…
Until… the next holiday! 🙂
To be honest, I’d love a life of holidays (of course with a free flow of cash and knowledge) because I can’t get bored!
Even if I claim I were bored, I am really not.
Hope my future’s like eat, eat, eat, play, play, play, sleep, sleep, sleep… You get the gist.


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