Failed Food Hunt in the East

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims out there!
Today I woke up at noon and researched on places to eat in the East.
Shortlisted 2 cafes: With a Pinch of Salt & Foo House

Went to With a Pinch of Salt and it was closed for a private function.
Of all days, today?!?!?!?!!?! 😦
Plus, I was starving!!
Went on towards Foo House but mummy went to Bedok interchange food centre first 😦
It was 2.45pm then.

Lee Kee goreng pisang!
I don’t eat goreng pisangs much but when I do I normally find them so-so only.
This is ridiculously good!!!
The banana doesn’t taste overly sweet and isn’t overly soft as if it’s overripe to the extent that even monkeys shun away from it.
The batter is really crispy and light and so very good!!
I kind of miss it now…
Only had 2 of them D:
Because in my mind I was gonna have western food so I had to save some space for it.
Stole mummy’s ice kacang because the weather could have baked ants.
It was also very good 😦
How come all the yummy hawkers are far from me??!!?!?!!

Went to Foo House after that.
It was 3.10pm.
A staff was rolling down the shutters, to my horror.
The place closes at 3 and reopens at 5 or 6.
This world wants me to starve.
And it HAD to happen on the very day I make a rare travel to the east.
I was also lugging around my 500D so yea, you could imagine my disappointment, multiplied.
Because I was so hungry I just so unwillingly ate at Big Eater at the end of the stretch.
[Ugly picture of egg flower hor fun that I deleted out of disgust]
Didn’t like the hor fun.
Ate like half of it and all the fish slices and sotong.

Mango with sago.
Quite okay but my heart was broken thrice so I couldn’t even try to like it.

Went to Singapore Expo after that.
Saw Saju and Jonathan selling cameras there!
Also, I saw a poster that said 2 available netbooks at $78 were sold out for that day and I was like omg if I bought it I need not carry this huge ass 3kg to school every day…
Ate a hotdog cos it smelled really good and Ikea-y.
The ends were cheese-filled and I hated it 😦
The middle portion was nice though, because it didn’t have any cheese!

Ok then went home.
Singapore’s weather is crazy hot lately.
Like crazy crazy hot, hotter than a usual crazy hot.
Even breathing makes me perspire.
Ok that’s about all that happened on this public holiday for me.
And of course I’m so super sad that this blog post after a week of inactivity isn’t looking the way I envisioned.
Gonna end this post with some food I had in school.

Chee cheong fun with beancurd roll and excess gravy cos I suck at estimating amounts

Yummy chawanmushi at Sakae Sushi
Was craving for it super badly that lunch and I had 2!

Kani tempura which is way disappointing…
Asked for no mayonnaise and oh look at that glorious blob!
It didn’t even taste good 😦

First time eating at Between Chapters!
Fries were so-so but popcorn chicken is very yummy!
Wanna try the waffles next time…

Went toΒ Baskin RobbinsΒ with Zi Hui on Wednesday!
Value scoop of cotton candy and a free junior scoop of sweet and salty frozen yogurt!
Free because it was pink day
I like both flavours πŸ˜€
I also think this combination is very carnival and awesome πŸ™‚

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