Breko Cafe & more food & more food

Shall type lesser than usual today because I’m ill.
That’s of course an excuse but you can all just pretend it’s a valid reason.
Also, I think today is my PMS day!
Hahahahahahah cos I have this sian look by default wherever I go and it’s impossible for me to fake a smile.
Normally when I fake a smile it can pass off as a smile but today it’s like I’m just showing my teeth like any other PMS days.
Oops I’m typing too much for my second sentence to be true.

Went to Breko Cafe today after school with Min, Hong Yong and Yong Chin.
I noticed it was my PMS day only after being very hungry and realising I don’t have enough YongChinny friends besides Yong Chin.
No one else is as enthusiastic about eating and have enough money to dine out every once in a while lor.

Chargrilled chicken!
I couldn’t taste it properly because I have a partially-blocked nose at the moment.
But I could feel it’s yummy although my chicken was quite fat.
Tic tac toe was very nice!!!
Must come back when I can taste!

Because in my mind I stabbed myself repeatedly for I can’t try Yong Chin’s chocolate thingy.
I am a very responsible person like I don’t eat other people’s food cos I’m unwell but I still cough and stuff everywhere and refuse to miss school and I gave lots of people coughs and Yusof has been absent for 2 days and I think it’s my fault.

Yesterday I had Ramly Burger in school!

It was completely tasteless to me cos yesterday my nose was omg where was my nose… yep.
The last time I had a Ramly Burger was when I was at Bintan or Bali ok maybe not Bali and probably Bintan but I don’t really know but it was by a beach I had a Ramly Burger and it was good!
Do you find that my sentences are very long today?
Like I’m super wordy despite going “shall type lesser than usual” right at the beginning… OMG

So during HOM lecture that day, I was coughing from the back of the lecture theatre and Mr Oh offered me a Ricola during break time!
OMG best lecturer ever! I mean like I love his PowerPoint slides cos it’s in the kind of flow I like to type my notes in, he doesn’t have a boring voice like even when I don’t pay attention my ears don’t switch off, and he gave me a Ricola omg.

Tuesday I had tons of food!
Completely honest!!!!!!!!
In the morning I went to Hatched with Racheal 😀

El Chorizo!
Didn’t really like it :/
Toast was lovely though…

I don’t know how to describe it, really.
Maybe… meh?

Mashed potatoes ❤

Racheal’s Papillote!
Sampled a bit and it’s yummy although I didn’t fancy the smoked salmon much.
It’s yummy but you know… I can’t like raw fish…. yet. Even if it’s not fully raw…

Went to Cold Rock after that.

Hazelnut indulgence we shared.
Yum, yum, yum. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
Took a bus to school and Racheal went home!

Then after lectures I had a classic chocolate puff from school’s bakery!
This is very yummy and it took me a semester and a week to try one.

Chicken pepper rice + egg for dinner.

Nutella ice-cream at Between Chapters on Monday!

Chicken bolognese at poolside canteen!
Asked the person who took my order what kind of chicken it was.
I meant the cooking method… And she replied “the small small chicken”


Sunday’s dinner was takeaway Domino’s!

Hawaiian personal pan!

But yum yum duh!

Domino’s chocolate lava cake is awesome.

Hmmm ok that’s this week.
I still haven’t gotten the hang of school.
The school break of food killed my nerdiness.
Partially. We all know I am a nerd and forever one. Sometimes I fail as a nerd because I am so borderline.
Ummm so… I typed far more than expected.
Thought I was tired and shit and didn’t wanna type but hehe I love blogging and I love food and I love talking so I guess I can’t help it.


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