Breko Cafe

Omg Casia is so boring! She eats the same thing all the time!
She eats at Breko and then she does it again even before a week can pass!
Yada yada…
Hello from school! Blogging cos class is in an hour and I can’t be bothered to study so…

Yesterday I went to Breko Cafe for breakfast with Racheal and Joe!

Hazelnut latte!
Or vanilla latte…
I forgot what I ordered… -___-
I mean I thought I said hazelnut but on the receipt it says vanilla…
Coffee’s not bad but about the hazelnut… I don’t taste it so maybe it’s vanilla I HAVE NO IDEA!

Brekkie in a pan!
Yums but the yolks weren’t as runny as I’d like it be.
Black pepper sausage was very black peppery it sets the benchmark for black pepper.

I also like the idea of having everything drenched in tomato…
Don’t ask me why… I just do.

Joe’s Peter pan with chipolatas…
Chipolatas tasted kind of weird and I sampled a bit of pancakes and it’s so battery like it’s not cooked!
What the…

Racheal’s Brekofast or something…
I forgot to try the scrambled eggs T_T

After that we went to school and I brought Joe to crash FMM lecture!
Then Joe left and then lecture ended and then I skipped Bstats lecture :O
Skipped lecture for buffet at Sakae Sushi…
All I had was a bowl of udon, chawanmushi and approximately 5 plates of sushi…
Because I was still full from breakfast!!!

Yea then ummmm that’s all…
Bye 😀


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