Blogging from school again and I think I will keep up with this until I have proper internet at home…

So anyway, on Friday Lynette & I had this amazing plan of going out to have pancakes and cakes after school then returning when we’re done.
And just as class ended, it started raining.
Told you I hate rain.
I stayed back in school and did my tutorial wrongly so yea what the hell man!!!

Went to Nook for dinner with Yong Chin and Fiona!
So we wanted to claim this offer but you know… I see food and everything else gets blurry and I didn’t see that it’s valid till 7pm zzzzz
Forgot that they have pancakes… and we ordered everything but pancakes!!
MUST go back for their pancakes! With Lynette, because she just whacked me for not eating pancakes with her!

Strawberry milkshake!
It tastes like just ever so slightly thicker strawberry milk that it’s disappointing.

Caesar salad!
Their bacon is really yums 😀
So glad every dish we ordered had bacon in it!
The croutons were like little bits of edible rock though…

Humpty Dumpty
Their eggs benedict was rather disappointing…
But of course I forgive them for they specialise in pancakes and not eggs benedict.

It’s so sad how the yolks were not runny at all!!!!

The breakfast bully!
This was $18 which I think is slightly overpriced but it’s yummy!
Like, every item was yummy!!! 😀
The tomatoes were awesome, bacon too, mushrooms too, chipolatas too, everything too….

Yup that’s all…
And last night I had Pizza Hut delivery for dinner.


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